You’ve not made any logical or philosophical point.
Ryder Spearmann

Conservatism is a political ideology which is measurably associated with homophobia — people are just more likely to be homophobic if they’re a conservative. This makes logical sense, considering homosexuality defies traditional gender roles which conservatives often value. Please don’t misunderstand: I’m not saying that all conservatives are homophobic, just that ideology can be influential.

Homophobia may also be explicitly a part of a political platform, e.g. a political party could promise to criminalise advocacy for gay rights. So it follows that people who subscribe to an ideology may be criticised as being homophobic because of it. Did you read the extreme example I gave you on this in my last comment? It seems like it should address this point too.

What Milo said is certainly not an uncomfortable fact, or a fact at all. I rejected it in my first paragraph when I said “being trans doesn’t make them any more likely to behave a particular way”. I went on to say that the exact opposite of what he was saying is true — trans people are actually disproportionately the *victims* of sex crimes (source: So in a sense we are disproportionately “involved” in sex crimes, but it was a lie to suggest that we are the perpetrators.

I agree completely with you about the value of truth, so I’m hopeful that being given evidence of Milo lying will change your opinion of him. And maybe also question how legitimate it is for him to try to position himself as an authority on all experiences of lesbian sexuality.

One last thing I’ll add is that I think you missed my point about just trying to live my life, when you say that I can ignore people like Milo. I can’t just not say anything and get on with life because the things he and people like him say negatively effect my life regardless. Like the author of this article said, the things he says have “real repercussions for real human beings”.

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