Is Dental Sedation Safe for Kids?

Safety is a prime concern for parents, especially when their children are receiving dental sedation. At times, dentist recommends long sedation treatment for patients especially children depending on their dental health. While sedating a patient is a normal and safe process to undertake, parents herein can largely help reduce the risk and stress.

Types of sedation offered by dentists

Oral sedations, intravenous sedation, and nitrous oxide are some of the types of sedations dentist provide to patients. The details of sedation have been mentioned below;

Oral sedation: This form of sedation is taken through nose or mouth, and the process begins as soon as the patient arrives at the hospital. The medicine takes 20 minutes to work. During this form of sedation, patients do not go to sleep instead remains calm and relaxed during the whole process.

Nitrous oxide: Laughing gas is another technique which is used during sedation. A mask is placed on the mouth of the patient, which contains a mixture of both nitrous oxide and oxygen and begins to show its impact within five minutes. The patient soon gets relaxed and ready for the procedure. Once the process is completed patient is given pure oxygen to clear out remains of nitrous oxide if any.

Intravenous sedation: Herein sedation is delivered by inserting the needle into patient’s vein. Some doctors give nitrous oxide to children before inserting the needle into them. The needle is inserted either into veins or back of child’s hand and after that tube is inserted into patient’s throat for comfortable breathing. Dentists offering Sedation dentistry in Melbourne ensures to take all the precautions while offering sedation treatment to children or adults.

How to keep patient calm during sedation?

Smile creation offers some of the best dental services using sedation, at this time parents can also emerge as big help for kids. Kids can be comforted by bringing their favorite toys or stuffed animals. Apart from this, parents can even hold their child’s hand and sing or talk to them gently to make them feel relaxed. This can greatly help professional to carry out the whole process appropriately and ensure that best dental results are produced.

Safety checks conducted by professionals before sedation

While offering sedation to patients, it is doctor’s prime responsibility to keep check on the below-mentioned factors;

1.Blood oxygen level
2.Blood pressure
4.Heart rate

Precautions to be taken after sedation

After the dental procedure, dental professionals often ask parents to stay back in the hospital. There are chances, that child after sedation wakes up being confused or fussy. Hence having a family member by their side can bring them back to normal. Apart from this, some children even tend to show long-lasting effects of sedation i.e. loss of physical coordination, sleepiness, nausea. In such situations, it is highly advisable for the parents to accompany children and ensure that they are taken straight to home to get some rest.


While sedation seems to be one of the safest processes of offering dental treatment to children, it is also important to ensure that all the precautions and necessary steps are taken for its safe execution. For parents to ensure that best treatment is offered by sedation dentist of Melbourne, they must make choice of the best professionals. Smile creation is one of the well-known dentistry clinics in the town which has experienced professionals hired on job capable of rendering adequate services to patients ensuring their safety.

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