Saving Time With Same-Day Crowns

Sometimes you are too busy to explain to people how busy you are. For most of us, life is impossible without drive-in pharmacies, online shopping, and pre-cut vegetables. For those busy people, same day cosmetic dental crowns are a boon provided by the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dental crowns for front teeth are essential in case of loss of teeth due to accident or dietary habits or aging.

To feel confident and for your mouth to function without any trouble, it is essential that you consult a cosmetic dental surgeon and enhance your appearance and efficiency by getting a dental crown. The benefits of getting a same day crown are

• You receive a new smile in one day

• You don’t have to miss your appointments

• You need not meet people with aesthetically unappealing teeth for many weeks

• No need for impressions of your mouth

• Natural looking teeth matching your teeth color

• Non-invasive procedure

• Designed to fit perfectly to reduce discomfort

What are same day crowns?

Technology is affecting our everyday lives today. Life cannot get easier than this because of technology. Technology is also impacting dentistry in exciting ways. Cutting edge innovations in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible now to get a brand new smile in just one visit to the dentist. These dental crowns reduce discomfort to a great degree. One revolutionary instrument called CEREC allows dentists restore damaged teeth with natural looking ceramic fillings, saving patients time and discomfort. These cosmetic dental crowns can uplift you overall appearance in a single day by providing dental crowns for front teeth in a single day.

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic ceramics. It means that a dentist can restore your appearance by replacing a lost tooth or teeth in an economical way consuming very less time. This is done using a high-quality ceramic material that matches the natural color of the natural teeth.

How does the CEREC instrument work?

CEREC functions using computer-aided design technology. An accurate picture of your damaged tooth is taken by the dentist. This picture is then transferred to a computer screen. The dentist uses CAD to design a restoration. Then the computer aided manufacturing takes over and designs the restoration while the patient waits in the clinic. The whole process takes less than two hours.

What does this mean for a patient?

A tooth colored filling on the same day no more discolored teeth or awaiting the meticulous process of fitting traditional cosmetic dental crowns. Unlike the traditional method, the same day crowns do not need impressions of the teeth to be taken. These restorations have been proved to be plaque resistant and strong. It saves a lot of time or the patients.