Make your home spotless

Smile Maids is the best place to enquire about cleaning services when you are in need of cleaning services. We provide you with the best services around the block. Stains, spots, dirt you name it and we will clean it like it didn’t exist.

If you thought that hiring a home Cleaning Service meant that you would only have home cleaning services available to utilize, you were wrong! Smile maids Home and Upholstery Cleaning Company are adding something extra to Home Cleaning. Now when you call upon Smile maids to do another fabulous job when you need a good home cleaning in Bakersfield Residential or Professional areas, you can also utilize the service for window washing. Professional buildings or for scrubbing down and wiping clean all those ‘I don’t think so” windows, which would make your home look ten times better if cleaned. Not many people harvest the courageous bravery to place themselves in a position to be window washing high above ground level.

Smile Maids Home Cleaning is now more than just your Home Cleaning preferred choice, It can now be utilized for window washing buildings and residential area windows. In addition to window washing available from Smile maids, you may also call on them to be your preferred furniture custodians. You can trust us with older furniture and delicate fabrics. Regardless if you need your personal living room furniture washed or if you are looking for the best, most reliable furniture avail our services that we have to offer has to offer and can get your furniture looking in tip-top shape once again. Furniture, just like home needs to be cleaned from time to time to maintain its integrity as well as its function. The longer you neglect the needs of your furniture the shorter life span it will have.