13 Reasons Why Masturbation Is Good For Your Health

The healing powers of masturbation and the female orgasm are extraordinary. For far too long women have bought into the mentality that masturbation is wrong, or sinful, or dirty, or generally just a taboo topic. Studies show that while 95% of men masturbate regularly, so do 82% of women.

When we engage in sexual activity we activate a number of pleasure zones in our bodies and physically show the signs: flushed cheeks, dilated pupils, a rapid heartbeat. Our brains release endorphins which make us feel happy; we feel relaxed, confident and sexy. You don’t need a partner to feel this way. Loving yourself starts by loving yourself. Here are 13 reasons why masturbation is good for your health and wellness:

Maintain excellent heart health by reducing stress

When we feel stressed, our brains release cortisol, which is a chemical that makes our blood pressure rise. It is important to keep our hearts healthy and strong, and a great way to do this is to self-stimulate. Orgasm brought about by self-stimulation tenses and then releases muscles which helps lower blood pressure by improving the flow of blood through our bodies. Masturbation produces endorphins which lower cortisol levels which in turn alleviate symptoms of stress and help keep our hearts happy and healthy.

Sleep better

When you orgasm, a hormone called prolactin is released in your brain, which is your body’s way of telling you that you feel satisfied. Masturbating before bed is a great way to ensure a good night’s sleep, and will hopefully encourage you to experience some very sweet dreams!

Alleviate aches and pains

Endorphins reduce pain in our bodies, especially for women during their periods. Masturbating releases these endorphins and helps soothe any tension you may be experiencing. Orgasm releases and tenses your pelvic floor muscles which stimulates blood flow, alleviating menstrual cramps.

Keep your muscles strong and healthy

While Kegel exercises are proven to help, a much more fun way to keep your pelvic muscles strong is to masturbate. Self-love strengthens the muscles in your genitals and pelvic floor area and help keep your reproductive tissues healthy, strong and flexible.

Keep your mood elevated

At the moment of orgasm neurochemicals called oxytocin and dopamine are released and flood our system. Oxytocin is sometimes referred to as the ‘love hormone’, as its release is triggered by moments of intimacy, and dopamine triggers the pleasure centers in our brains. Together, these chemicals produce feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

Boost your immune system

Self-love is a fantastic way to keep your immune system healthy and balanced. Hormones and neurochemicals released during masturbation work together to balance out the negative chemicals that are produced during our day to day lives, even when we don’t realise it.

Appreciate your own body

By taking the time to get to know your body, to explore and discover what brings you pleasure, you allow yourself the opportunity to really understand yourself. The relationship you have with your own body is an important one — it is yours alone. Women are powerful creatures and the more time you spend getting to know yourself, you will have a greater understanding of the way your body works and responds.

Increase your confidence levels

Self-confidence is one of the most attractive attributes a woman can have, and is also a powerful aphrodisiac. There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants. Self-stimulation gives you the perfect opportunity to explore your own body, and the best way to make yourself feel good about yourself is to make yourself feel good. The confidence that comes from being in touch with yourself will not go unnoticed!

Promote a positive body image

We live in a highly sexualized society and it can be easy to believe that any woman who expresses her sexuality is seen as promiscuous or immoral. That is simply bad publicity. Self-pleasuring validates your needs and desires and normalizes those feelings. We shouldn’t feel shamed or demoralized for doing what comes naturally to us, for taking care of our bodies the way we are intended to. We feel pleasure for a reason: so we are able to feel pleasure. Being comfortable within your own skin is the key to a healthy and positive body image. Take the time to appreciate what a strong and beautiful woman you are.

Set healthy relationship boundaries

Being confident and comfortable with your body will also do incredible things for your relationships. By taking control of your wants and needs through masturbation, you are able to establish healthy boundaries in your life. You know what you want, and you are not afraid to reach out and take it with both hands if you need to. This mentality translates into your day to day life as well; you know that you have the capacity to take care of yourself, but also that it’s nice to have a helping hand. You allow yourself the truth that you deserve the very best.

Improve your sex life

Everybody knows the saying ‘you cannot love someone else until you have learnt to love yourself,’ and this is especially true of self-love and sex with a partner. How can your sexual partner be expected to know what you like and how you like it, if you don’t know yourself? Masturbation gives us a hands on experience of discovery of our own bodies; the opportunity to explore ourselves, to learn what feels good and what brings us pleasure. Once we know what we enjoy we can take that insight into our sexual relationships and ultimately create more mutually enjoyable experiences. We can bring to the table a confident, sexually comfortable woman who doesn’t rely on anyone else to create her pleasure. A woman who knows what she likes and how she likes it and isn’t afraid to ask, or teach, her partner how to satisfy her needs in the bedroom.

Be more independent

Feeling strong, powerful and sexy comes from within; knowing that you can make yourself feel pleasure stops you from looking for it elsewhere. With a healthy level of self-respect, we know what we want and what we don’t want. This impacts all of the decisions that we make, in every aspect of our lives. Self-stimulation is exactly that: stimulating yourself. You don’t need to rely on another person to make you feel good about yourself, or to give you pleasure. You are more than capable of pleasuring yourself. Independence is an attractive quality in a woman and it gives you the license to enjoy your experiences, in any setting, knowing that you are everything that you need.

There are no negatives!

There are no scientifically proven negatives of masturbation. You will not go blind, or become infertile, or grow hairy palms as many texts would have you believe. Masturbation is not a sin. It is a normal, healthy and loving activity that makes you feel good. You cannot get pregnant, or contract any diseases, or worry about whether or not you will call yourself the next day. Self-stimulation is a time of pleasure and intimacy than can only improve your overall health and wellness. You will help your heart and your immune system stay healthy, keep your mood stabilised and cultivate strong, loving relationships with others. You get the opportunity to know yourself on a deeper, more intimate level and learn what really brings your mind and body pleasure. You will boost your self-confidence and generally just feel better about yourself. Most importantly, you get to spend time loving the most important person in your life: yourself.

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