The Variety And Joy Of The Female Orgasm

Women describe their orgasms in very various ways, sometimes even disagreeing on what it feels like to orgasm. Does that mean that all women orgasm differently? Are these women all orgasming if they’re feeling different things?

What if we took a refreshing outlook on what this variety has to offer and why it may actually the best news for women!

Women Experience Pleasure Differently From Men

Physically, women orgasms differ from men’s in 4 ways

- Women can have repeated orgasms at very short intervals; men cannot.
 — Orgasms can last longer for women.
 — The pelvic muscles contract differently during orgasm.
 — Male orgasm cannot be stopped once it starts; female orgasm may halt if stimulation disappears.

Women can also feel stimulation after an orgasm, while there is preliminary evidence that men may not be able to.

Women and men also have different needs when it comes to stimulation, to get aroused.

Women respond better to sexual stimulation when in an active state; e.g after riding a roller coaster or laughing a lot.

And lastly, for women, it can be difficult to know if they had an orgasm or not, which obviously causes a lot of confusion.

Female Orgasms and Bodies Are All Different

Female orgasms should be considered a subjective experience for each, individual woman.

Different women orgasm better from different types of stimulation. One element of explanation for this is anatomical: the location of the clitoris and the vagina’s structure do play a role in a way a woman orgasms. The smaller the clitoris is or the further away its external part is from the vagina, the harder it is to have an orgasm.

Some women have too many nerve endings in their vagina, which can lead to a painful experience when the genital area gets stimulated.

The emotional state a woman is in when she’s having sex also plays a key role. After all, our brain is in control of how we process all sensory feelings in our body, include sexual stimulation!

Different bodies, different mindsets, different personal history,…no wonder an orgasm is a unique experience for each woman and each time she has sex (or masturbates!).

Variety Is the Spice Of Life

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of whether or not you orgasm — don’t!

This variety actually gives women the chance to explore and discover their bodies, and to discover new sensations, live new experience every time!

There’s Even A Learning Curve

Hearing people talking about orgasm, or seeing moving where it seems to be only a matter of seconds to get there, you might get the wrong idea that it’s just not for you.

Your sexual experience, just like anything else, can be trained. With exploration, you not only learn what your body responds to best, but you learn how your unique response to stimulation feels.

As you pay attention to yourself (and not only your partner…), as you spend time with yourself exploring your sensation and stimulating your body, your body will become more accustomed to sexual stimulation. You might find that it easier to reach the big O, and do so more rapidly.

Learning about your body and indulging in that knowledge may help you find sexual satisfaction.

It’s Time To Stop Worrying

Everyone has their own personal sexual history, but everyone puts the same type of pressure on themselves to achieve orgasm, like it’s a race.

Doesn’t that just spoil the fun? Why should there be one standard, when it comes to one of the most personal yet enjoyable experience of our lives?

Throughout our lives, our sexuality will constantly be changing and evolving to fit our mind, body, and desires.

What’s my experience of sex today might be gone tomorrow. So let’s release that pressure and enjoy what we’re living in the now, with all its amazing uniqueness!

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The Smile Makers Team!

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