What is moment mapping?

Power is now in the hands of students, making it more pertinent for universities to be on their game with their recruitment.

University web properties have multiple audiences. In most cases, the primary purpose is to engage with students and therefore recruit them. However, let’s take a moment to make sure we don’t forget about all of the other users — parents, stakeholders, staff, academics, investors.

Moment mapping identifies the stages of your customer’s buying process. By going through the process of moment mapping it gives you the opportunity to engage and interact with students in a more personal, timely and authentic manner. The outcome of moment mapping is an increased awareness of what your audience really wants and gives you the insight as to how it can be achieved.

At SMILE we believe it is important to know the nuances of audience groups, which is why we help universities to generate personas. From these personas we also want to understand the subtleties of the engagement process. We’ve boiled this down to a 6 step ‘journey’ users will take when they engage with you.

The Engagement Journey

Understanding this journey gives you the chance to know what the important moments are for your audience.

Moment one — The first thought

  • Students start to look at different universities and what they have to offer.

Moment two — Initial research

  • Students start actively looking and shortlist some of their options.

Moment three — Deeper research

  • They decide which university has the best to offer for them.

Moment four — Conversion

  • Now they’ve chosen what university they’d like to attend, they find out what they need to earn their place.

Moment five — Satisfaction

  • Students are happy with their choice and are ‘locked in’.

Moment six — Referral

  • Telling others of their choice.
“In 2016 63% of marketers currently use some sort of journey mapping”
Back in 2016 37% of marketers don’t use or don’t know about moment mapping and not being as in control as they could be.

You’ll feel the benefits of moment mapping straight away! You’ll feel more in control and ready to create your next campaign with genuine insight. The only disadvantage to moment mapping is that it requires a little bit of time and planning upfront, but we promise you it’s worth it.

Our expertise and knowledge of moment mapping will help you to better understand your audiences and help your audience engage and increase your conversion rates.

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