Chapter 2

The Makeover

Aakansha was always super excited to see whenever his messages use to pop while he was in office. Being super workaholic,she knew when he’s texting her, he miss her whole heartedly.While she was always looking at her iPhone, like she was waiting in the sun like when will he bring her own rainbow.

Being hopelessly romantic she just left for the mall to buy gifts for him. Though she knew, her ATM contains much less money than her Dreams of making their day special, which made her feel terrible ever since she left from the Apartment.

But being over optimistic, she never left hope for her love.So as she reached the metro station, a chat wala (haha ! Yes she can ask anything from anyone :p ) who explained her to take the shorter route.

Again she left for the metro, tired and thinking how can she make him feel more special💕.

Finally as she reached just near the mall but no auto wala was enough convincing. Another trait of Miss Aakansha, she travel through her guts, seems so funny right! But no one could ever stop her from from all this,not even him :p

Money was always the issue that disturbed her, like she was struggling with the world. She hates to go to ATM but then she was about to reach her destination.

Thereby taking out enough cash,she stopped and saw a salon. Now there she was thinking how about getting a hair cut and surprising him(she knew he will be too shocked and blush even more once he will see her, now that’s what made them more interesting.

So she entered some random good looking salon on her guts! Kindly note she knew nothing about the salon – like how famous or bad it was.

Interesting she always know how to get her work done and explained the owner how she is having her first Diwali with her fiancé. To the surprise the salon gave her a royal treatment and the entire salon was making her blush making her special for her D day. And all she was thinking will he like the new look. (Her heartbeats were telling her , it will be amazing,so sit back and enjoy the look 😎😬)

It was 6.30 when she left and her movie was by 10. Standing on the strange road with her heavy bags she cancelled her plan for the mall and left for Gurgaon.

Why ? Will she be able to get her gifts ? What made her do this !

Keep waiting for the next chapter. ❤️