Happy or Lost!

There she was,
Happy, crazy and cheerful

Like a child in the Amusement park!

The excitement and love enclosed her Life,

Because the wandering soul was so heartwarming,

But why she was scared, petrified and lost.

The loud noise, tantrums and screaming!

Disenchantment! Disappointment and Disillusionment!

Like she was tired of pleasing everyone,

Like she realised,

She has this One Life!

And there should be time for Sadness!

But the free bird was not ready to be caged,

But, Darling the world doesn’t accept Independent, powerful and Strong!

The patriarchy! Chauvinism and dominance.

Want her to be impound! jail and enclosed!

Every time she sobs,

Her racing heartbeat, falling breath

Were sorry for tearing her soul apart!

Like everything is telling her,

You don’t deserve Sadness! Pain andΒ Anguish.

Frustration! Irritation and Attitude!

Compiled the Ripped soul.

She knew how to safeguard, manipulate or be a diplomat!

Certainly she was too tired to be double faced.

There she was

Happy, cheerful and crazy!

But who she was-

The smudged khol, worn out smile said ~

Lost! Depressed! And Gone!

There she was,

In a ray of hope,

One day all her Agony will be gone.

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