All you NEED is LOVE ❤️

Two different people connect through Trust and LOVE turns into soul mates.

How about one day when you are too broken, realize that life is like a trash paper, people use it when they need, crush the way the want and throw it like you have no feelings. But then the supreme Almighty was seeing his own daughter suffering and tired to see the pain and tears,she had to go through. So he graciously opens his bag of Joy and Happiness and sends someone to look into my ❤, awakens the ripped soul and makes you feel ALIVE. It’s like life is signing -He will never leave your hand, so have — THE LAST FALL ! Sometimes you actually realise why it never worked with anyone else. All the answers lie within us, and as I always say you get to meet someone who is just the right person for you in all respects .Though some imperfections can be ignored, apparently even I have lot of flaws. It’s not about finding someone right rather than perfect guy, but to love someone just the way they are and believe me your HEART will always give you the right feeling! But then why that HEART needs an assurance, it’s because I was too broken to see the bright star of happiness.

If I am your pacemaker, you are my vision.

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