Why Girls Should Not Give A FUCK About Fitness Industry ?

Fuck You, Fuck You, Fuckkk You! Yes! I want to say to all this loud and clear to all entire fitness industry!

Did you See Those Abs of Katrina in Baar Baar Dekho?
Lose 6 KGs in 2 Weeks!
Eat These Capsules And You Will Be Slim!
Get a Size Zero Figure Just Like Kareena!
Do This, Do That and BLA BLA BLA !!

Fuck you! I don’t need that SKINNY BODY, PILLS and those not so cool ABS! Because I just DON’T GIVE A FUCK! About your products rather than I feel like slamming all your companies and crushing it down with a grenade.

Can I ask these Fancy Diet companies, bloody gyms and so called slimming centers, what do you guys really want? I mean what! That we all kids, girls, married women and aged aunties should just leave our work, colleges and schools, and just sit there in front of you and cry! That oh my god! Please sir, please I am so sick and tired of this body, my life, I am so depressed in life, I don’t know what is happening to my body, my weight gains and the list is endless.

Just ask yourself how many times you have done and experienced it, I can guarantee it or should I write on a blank paper that nearly 95% of woman must have gone through this torturing phase.

Yes! I still remember when my puberty started to sprint, that opening of flower was murdered by you. It was you who made my life sicker, dealing with body changes, blood raging from my uterus every month like your uterus is a vampire that is also sick of your blood, small boobies to big bust, everything was making my life hell and then you guys came, HIT IT! And made me realize how shitty my life is, BANG ON and like signing — I am always there for you, whereas I should have said — I JUST LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE!

But sadly! I was trapped by your delusions and went on blindly to swallow your pills, starving myself to nothing and devastating my health!

Will you tell me why? Why! Why! What the heck you want out of my body my health, I don’t give a fuck *with big middle finger and a big banners*, just how people carried for independence, I wish all the girls on this PLANET should say Go! Go! Fuck off diet companies / gyms, we don’t need you, we really don’t need your shitty advice! Because we have others and awesome things put our focus, passion and hard work.

Stop body shaming! Just stop it!

Will you just leavvveeee us alone in this fucking shitty world! Not in India, because apparently it’s not easy to be a girl in India. Why we girls have to go through this, from being eve teased, to sexual assault and then the final bow comes body shaming! Like our life was so easy, that it also came to destroy and shatter our self-confidence.

Enough is enough, we girls don’t need you. What we really required was emotional availability from parents, siblings to the surrounding girls and neighbours. Because what a girl really wants during those changes is someone, to hold her hand and tell her everything will be fine, you can deal with it. As hey! You little fighter soon things will be brighter.

All we need is will, determination and strength, to keep you moving in life, it’s not about those kilos you desperately want to shed, impress that jerk of your college, or else just to fit in those bimbos. This little success mantra, is required in all aspects of life. Believe — faith-happiness –good mood- exercise — healthy eating habits — yes! It’s the vicious circle of being fit and healthy.

And finally we are giving you the full proof plan how to be smart and healthy. You don’t need to go mad about how that hot chick in your college is so fit and has an amazing body! About those absurd comments you receive from stupid neighbourhood and lastly your relatives making you embarrassed about how you look!

The next time something like this happens, say this loud — I don’t give a fuckkkk! Fuck off in your head, the nearest washroom and have 2 glasses of cold water!

Believe me, it works, because the formula is tried and tested.

Just focus on your happiness and the little mantra I have given you. No one in this world should ever hamper your happiness, you are beautiful my friend, yes! You are the prettiest, so chin up! And walk like a diva!

Ps keep saying yes! I don’t give a fuck what you think! What offer you throw at me to make me a fool again, but this time it won’t work, because this time I know I don’t need you but I need myself!

So, all those diet companies out there, slimming centres, and stupid gyms, I hate you, yes I hate you to my core, so get the fuck out of here, rather than just FUCK OFF.

STAY HAPPY AND YOU ARE A DIVA!” (Keep humming this!)