This is Not My Beautiful House
Kim France

Brave of the writer to bare her soul, but as a guy, I’m struck by her unwillingness to fully acknowledge her own accountability in a disintegrating relationship. Just as it takes two to tango, it takes two to fail, though as described, the author apparently didn’t think any more of her husband than a life-chronology appropriate accessory. There’s a Douglas Sirk-like domestic drama from 1950, “Harriet Craig”, starring who else but the shoulder-padded Joan Crawford, who strives for the “perfect home”, done to the nines; this she achieves, but at the price of her most important personal relationships. At the film’s end, she sits alone on her sweeping staircase, alone. To re-quote another terribly self-assured high achiever, Suzie Orman, “people first, then money, then things.” And it’s also wise to remember that the office chairs are always rented.

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