Interview with Jason Choi

Interview with Alex Svanevik

The Data Science DAO and On-Chain Trends — Interview with Alex Svanevik — Rebase

Creators are Poorly Equipped

I first came across the concept of social currencies when consulting on a project at the intersection of live streaming and crypto. It very quickly became clear that the potential was huge.

The Boundless Potential of Open Data and the End of FANG-Dominance

Artwork courtesy Yao Jui-Chung

What’s driving the change?

There are 3 principles around which…

The next 25 years will be shaped by solutions-focused services

Meshed Solutions Networks – Photo by VanveenJF on Unsplash

Cycles in Information Technology

Information technology cycles are fundamentally driven by the cost of producing a particular resource, and the consolidation of power over the means of producing that resource.

  1. a new technology emerges which brings down the cost of producing a currently-monopolised resource
  2. new organisations are able to enter the market
  3. this drives the margins of monopolistic incumbents down
  4. new users/business models/entrepreneurs are attracted to the space
  5. these new businesses consolidate through vertical/horizontal expansion
  6. new entrants can’t compete
  7. repeat

Photo by Simon English on Unsplash
  • where do I believe value capture is going to take place and over which time horizons?
  • what is a good investment strategy today?
  • what are the real business model opportunities in the crypto world?

Jay Bowles

Founder Rebase — blockchain research, investment and education

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