When God’s Just Getting the Scissors

The baby was hungry.

She had followed her big sister down the hall, who had found the package of graham crackers, and she was anxiously crying, “Mama! Caca!” (–That’s “cracker” in baby language. Not potty talk.)

Sister handed me the package of crackers. The baby looked up at me, hopeful, little tears of desperation brimming. This would be her salvation. Mommy would give her a cracker. Mommy would take care of it.

I promptly turned my back and started walking down the hall with the package.

And the sense of rejection was almost tangible.


She had dissolved into wailing. Now desperately stumbling over her tiny feet to run after me, she cried aloud in her confusion and dismay. Not ten seconds later, having gotten the scissors out of the kitchen drawer and quickly cut the package open, I handed her the object of her desire: a whole graham cracker.

Even while I was going through these actions, hearing her voice, feeling the little footsteps pitter pattering down the halI behind me, I sensed myself a part of a spiritual play. I could feel God in me, talking to me through my actions. I was overwhelmed.

How many times has it seemed to me that God has turned away?

That He’s not listening to my prayers?

That He left me alone when I most needed Him?

Maybe He was just getting the scissors.

How could you leave me like this, God? Doesn’t Your Word say that you will never leave me nor forsake me? Doesn’t it say you will provide all my needs? Where are You, God? Where are my answers? Where is my cracker?

Hang on, my little one. I am working it out for you. Even though it looks like I’m turning my back, keep following me. I’m gonna open this package faster and better than you think. Just you hang on. It’s gonna be good. I love you.

God is always working on our behalf behind the scenes. He is usually doing things God’s way, you know, in a way that seems too last-minute for us, or in a way that doesn’t make sense. Sometimes in a way that feels like He has rejected us. But keep groping for Him, cause He said that we would find Him, (Acts 17:27) and His blood said that He can’t reject us (Hebrews 13:5).

Isaiah 49:15 says it beautifully:

“Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne? But even if that were possible, I would not forget you!”

Hang on, girlie. He’s probably just getting his scissors.

Girls, God’s scissors are big, and they’re sharp, and they can cut right through the frustrating packaging. God’s scissors make it happen. What is it you’ve been crying to the Lord for?

He’s got it.

He says He provides for the sparrow. He says He clothes the lilies. He feeds you, He clothes you, He gives you the desires of your heart. Get the vision of Him being your big mama cutting open the graham cracker package.

Knowing this, you don’t have to cry any more. You can follow the path of joy. You’ve got the faith to know He is your help, and He WILL help you. Following the path of joy brings peace. What if we followed Him with a smile? What if we followed Him knowing beyond anything we know, that He is good, and He is a mother, and He is a rewarder, and He is going to go cut open the package? Turn up your face, see Him going, follow quickly. Maybe sometimes it takes so long because He’s turning around a lot of times on His way, because He hears your wailing, and he wants to reassure you and calm you down. These are delays.

40-years-in-the-wilderness delays.

Don’t worry, He’s endlessly patient. But I bet you that many of us could get to our “desired haven” much faster if we were able to have confidence in His identity as a rewarder, as the mother with the graham crackers. If we stopped the whine, followed doggedly, and expected good. I mean, good is coming either way to you, mother. He said that goodness and loving-kindness are pursuing you ALL the days of your life! Hounding you! So, good will ALWAYS come in the end. As Kris Vallotton says, “If it’s not good, then it’s not yet the end.” But you know what? Smiling and confidence–those are on a plane of wisdom in the place where God is. And–they will make your journey so much funner.

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Love, Wells