Glömstaskolan: the school with just one rule
Lisa Gill

As a recently finished student from the swedish school system, I really must say that freedom doesn’t really seem like something we need more since children doesn’t really understand the concept of responsibility. A lot of swedes have trouble when they head off to universities because they don’t have any work ethics since schools work so hard to establish a comfortable environment but forget to cover the fact that you also need to get the work done. I also must ad that the part about staff being head on and direct in their communication with each other about their problems is a great initiative and something which is really needed in the swedish culture but I can’t imagine that it works practically yet since swedes are extremely passive aggressive. I don’t know, maybe this works great at Glömsta skolan, it certanily sounds and looks great but a lot also seems like fancy pr-words and like the standard swedish school system which has a lot of problems and has fallen for years in ranking compared to other countries.

(Of course, I blame every spelling error and grammatically incorrect phrase on my swedish education… And auto correct)

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