My second collection of short stories, VISCERA, has just been published by Climbing Tree Books. This very short piece of fiction was the beginnings of a story written for that collection but eventually not included.

‘Anything to declare?’ asked the official.

The refugee looked up at him, perched safely behind…

Poor old Facebook. Or, “Why Are There so Few Really Good Ads on There”

Facebook wants to be a paid-for advertising media.

No, that isn’t quite right. Facebook is a paid-for advertising platform.

Last year the company made roughly $18 billion, the vast majority of that coming from ad revenue…


I spend a huge amount of my time working in the digital space, whatever that means. And I sometimes wonder whether reducing words, concepts and ideas down to a never-ending stream of electronic morse code changes them in any way.


‘Creative Technologist wanted’. How a job description you’ve never heard of highlights the opportunities of digital marketing.

There are hundreds, actually thousands, of job vacancies being posted on-line for Creative Technologists. Ad agencies and marketing companies are crying out for them.

What do they do? Why do they do it…

simon minchin

A quick espresso or a shot - or a short story - the perfect pleasure. A new world or fresh idea at a length you enjoy in one sitting.

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