‘Are you going to do a dedication for the book?’ asked the big boss, my sensei, William the publisher.

I think I ignored the question.

‘Sure you don’t want to do a dedication? You know, just something simple like, “To Felix, my cat, who laughs at all my jokes.”

I still ignored it, the question that is, but it made me think.

So I dragged the old dictionary out, a lumping great thing that sits heavily on the desk, and it gave me a couple of options as to what it thinks dedication might be.

The willingness to give time and energy to something because it is important,” or “A statement that says in whose honour something has been written.”

We adjourned to a small coffee house near to the centre of town where we discussed our upcoming venture, to wit the publication of a number of stories that I have seen fit to write.

I love the Dickensian scratchy-pen, ink-stained-fingers feel about writing, even when I’m doing it on the iMac. The first machine I ever wrote on was an old Smith-Corona. Hitting the carriage return lever on that was like chambering another round into the gun. It was visceral.

And I have images of ancient keyboards all over my Facebook page, and sometimes I sketch out a plot or a scene on big sheets of layout paper using a Biro that always seems to leave a big blob of ink at some vital point, like subliminal punctuation. …

In the winter, the beach is a painting. A smudged landscape, sea-grey and sky-blue, where charcoal stick figures throw balls for dogs and rubber-black surfers climb foaming peaks.

But in the summer, it’s a postcard. A saucy, salacious snapshot of too much flesh exposed to too much sun. Kiss me quick but hold me tight. Wish you were here, lots of love from Aunty Dot and your cousin, Vi.

And summer has almost arrived now; ordered in May and delivered in June.

In the summer you can stand on the little promenade that’s next to the car park and look out over the beach, all three and a bit miles of it, and be forgiven for thinking that you can’t see a single grain of sand. Fat people, thin people, young people and old are spread across the beach; the flotsam and jetsam of fifty working weeks somewhere up north. …

Poor old Facebook. Or, “Why Are There so Few Really Good Ads on There”

Facebook wants to be a paid-for advertising media.

No, that isn’t quite right. Facebook is a paid-for advertising platform.

Last year the company made roughly $18 billion, the vast majority of that coming from ad revenue. That is also about 65% of all social network ad spending worldwide.

That’s an awful lot of ads, but when did you last see a good one?

OK. First of all we better define what I mean by a ‘good ad’. I have worked in advertising for 35 years and I have done hundreds and hundreds of ads. If you include the work that I have influenced or approved as a Creative Director I’m thinking we are well into the thousands. …


I spend a huge amount of my time working in the digital space, whatever that means. And I sometimes wonder whether reducing words, concepts and ideas down to a never-ending stream of electronic morse code changes them in any way.

You know, in the same way that MP3 compression takes the edge off your tunes, if the ‘strictly vinyl’ people are to be believed. The same way that a JPEG carries within it less of that magic moment of light than a RAW file. …

‘Creative Technologist wanted’. How a job description you’ve never heard of highlights the opportunities of digital marketing.

There are hundreds, actually thousands, of job vacancies being posted on-line for Creative Technologists. Ad agencies and marketing companies are crying out for them.

What do they do? Why do they do it? And does your business need them?

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First of all, let’s clear up a problem with that headline.

If we look at the worlds biggest brands more than a third of them say that digital will account for 75% or more of their advertising and marketing spend within five years. …


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