The thing about asking for help

We support others and feel that warm glow inside when someone steps up to help us. We feel a gentle thrust, like that of a travelator at the airport, moving us forward. Which is why we work hard to earn this support from our mentors, collaborators, readers of our blogs, and those who invest in us in some way.

And yet, remember when that one person you offered to help, leaned on you at the first opportunity and waited for you to walk their half as well? Help is not free lunch, neither is receiving it the goal in itself. Remember what it took to get here, neither entitlement nor complacence are going to take you further.

When someone agrees to help us, they associate a part of themselves with us. They place the onus on us, to continue to be worthy. We must work harder to retain this generosity than we did to receive it.

Originally published at on May 25, 2017.

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