3 days or less — The Confessions of a Furlenco Convert

What HUGE tasks do we set ourselves to close in 3 days or less? Really think about your answer, cramming for a test maybe? Or mastering a perfect Syrian-Christian mallu meal with which to impress your fiancé’s mother? What do people the world over want accomplished in 72 hours?

I knew what was at the top of my list. But before I got to it, I decided to ask The Browsers; namely, Messrs. Chrome and Bing (Yes Bing- don’t gasp. I asked on MS Edge, if that makes things any better) Well, what do you know? They both agreed; the No 1 search-result for ‘3 days or less’ was ‘Potty training in 3 days or less’- eeeyugh!

What I had in mind was not as ambitious, or smelly for that matter. And my sympathies with parents everywhere who entered the query hoping to have that messy problem solved… but what I needed to get done was FURNISH A FLAT in 3 days or less, pretty bad, no?

There I was, new to Bengaluru, just done with the 8 day-long ordeal of renting my 1BHK, and I got a call from my super-fussy aunt, ‘wife of the Secretary of Calcutta-Club’, Mrs. Sumana Bhattarcharjee She called to say she was in Bangalore for a short sojourn (only she’d use that word) and would stop by to visit her favourite niece for a quick high tea. High tea! Was she high? I’d barely moved in! But there was no arguing with Her Majesty’s logic. One just did not question such things.

So ‘3 days or less’ to fully furnish my little ‘pied-à-terre’, her words, not mine! I asked around at work, and visited what few furniture shops I was told about at Shivajinagar - and as I searched, I could hear my aunt’s sharp disapproval all the while, “Oh dear, is this what is passing off for furniture these days? How ghastly, printed velvet upholstery on chrome! Darling, you only saw chrome on bicycles in my youth!” Damn! Damn! Double-damn!

Wait a minute! At that mad Jenga-party at Vishesh’s place last week, what did his girlfriend say? They did their place up all on rent? With cushions and linens and all! Eureka! That was exactly what I needed, a fully furnished house- done up to the nines, in less than 3 days. Anything short of complete, and Mrs. Calcutta Club would make my mom’s life miserable. Off to my laptop, Messrs. Chrome and Bing to the fore once more… here it is, Furlenco.com.

I looked through whole ranges of really clean-lined, contemporary furniture WITH accessories, appliances, soft-furnishings and linens (the last 2 would be mine to keep) After browsing through many aunt-worthy options set in a simple catalogue UI, I settled on a Mili 1BHK set for my dining and living rooms and bedroom. I made the call the next morning and in 2 days (!) the efficient team from Furlenco were at home setting up everything. I even had half a day on hand to bake a cake and buy a tea tray for our high-tea. Cucumber sandwiches, hot gossip and raised pinkie-fingers, here I come. Do you know what time it is? It’s time for Cal-Cal-Calcutta Kiss!