the rise of neo Nazis in Germany.
The Old World Just Died. Here’s How to Build a New One.
umair haque

Are you reffering to last Sunday’s election in Germany? The one that was about the quite sudden uprising of the AfD ( Alternative für Deutschland- Alternative for Germany)?

If so; they are not neonazi. They just don’t like immigrants ( and a bunch of other things like the Euro-currency or short-time plans for Europe)

I think, over here in Europe but on your side of ocean as well, it would be wise to take some consideration of this word ‘nazi’. We’d better not throw that around to much or use it to lightly.

There’s a difference between ‘being against immigration’ and the industrialized annihilation of a severe part of Europe’s population that didn’t comply to the ‘Übermensch-standard’. ( it should’nt be new to you that nazi’s not only killed jews, but also a significant amount of handicapped, communist, gays, Roma and so on. If so; go back to a library and start reading historics)

this thing called ‘Europe’ started in 1958! In the light of history that’s a split-second… ‘The Old World’ didn’t die….it’s maturing and growing older sometimes hurts.

Take a deep breath, calm your nerves, stop shouting each time there’s a bald head waving a flag. They’re really not running the streets over here shooting and killing everything. Wether in Germany or here in the Netherlands they are allowed to gather ( free speach remember..) They just have to ask a permit for it, like everybody else..😂 and most of the time they end up in a wet meadow, cause that’s where they can make all the noise they want.

Just be carefull with all these ‘BIG’ words.

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