Unfortunately, I am beyond the place where words can ease my worry.
Ah, Erik, I appreciate your efforts to shine optimism on a pessimistic situation.

But I am gonna give it a shot anyway!!

And I tell you why; I just saw ( yes, there must be Karma) a documentaire on Netflix. I downloaded it yesterday, so there had to be a reason for…( if you haven’t got Netflix, it may be somewhere on YouTube, if not check Internet)

It’s called ‘ Saving Capitalism’ and it’s hosted by mr Robert B Reich. I honestly never heard of the man before, he was apperantly a Secretary of Labour, but…… he and I agree on a number of things. Go watch it and you will see that he tells you what I told you before.. Talk!

Talk, talk, talk, talk… Talk to your friends and talk to your enemies!

And I know you’re done talking, so perhaps its up to people in your surrounding, but nevertheless; talk! Let me say that again;


This gentleman is right about one thing; Big Money is pushing you and every single one in your country over the cliff, but you have an advantage that this socalled 1% doesn’t have… Big, huge, massive amounts of humans!

Let me say that again, ‘cause I can sense you’re bored and tired with me and that’s allright. Here we go;


And they can, TOGETHER, change your system!

So, understandably you did your protest in the past, Dennett, and now it’s somebody else who can do the heavy lifting. Right? I’m with you on that, ok. So go out your frontdoor now, walk to the neighbours and show them this message. Don’t say a word, just show them..

Then go to the other neighbours and show them too.. in fact; go to the groceriestore and show all the people over there that there’s a stupid Dutchie from far away that urges you to keep talking. Louder, and Louder and


That’s the way to change the system you’re all in right now. ( but I don’t need to say that to you, because you’ve talked more in life than I did..)

Oh and something else;

I apologize if I’ve been…
Please forgive me …
Again, I apologize for being so…

Don’t ever do that again! Your welcome to rant whatever you want, if it gets off steam and pressure, i’ll be happy to be here!