SOUL SNATCHERS: Countering the State Sponsored Conspiracy to Destroy Pedro Hernandez (Part 3)
Shaun King

Hello Shaun, this is a terrifying story. I just shared a link by email to Amnesty International/Dutch Office.

A.I./ Dutch departement is probably the largest of all Amnesty departements worldwide. Perhaps they will give this some attention in any form or shape…


Shaun King ; for whatever it’s worth- I just received a reaction by mail from Amnesty International/Dutch Office

Unfortunately they cannot be of any help, due to prioritizing other efforts and cases. They acknowledge the fact that action in your ‘Bronx/corruption-case’ must be taken, they however will not facilitate it.

All I can say, if you haven’t already done meanwhile, is to check local A.I. Offices or likewise organizations.

Good luck.

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