who looks older than she should.
Day 29 of the photo a day series
Elizabeth Helmich

No, you don’t look older than you should… you fit your age perfectly.

I must admit I’m a little bit jealous at how you deal with age. Indeed it’s quite simple; there’s no stopping it. You can’t just skip a year or two ( although we’d managed, in a jokingly way, to make our daughter believe my wife turned 25- for three years on a row..)

I ran away when I turned 40. I burried myself in work, didn’t answer my phone, threw the birthday cards in a garbage container and was in general unreachable to anyone that day. I hated it.

And now, two years later, I feel sorry for not having this massive, copuleuse bad-ass party…

So by all means, dear Elizabeth, have your party… make it worth remembering.

‘Cause who’s to say you’ll ever turn 41??

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