One thing though… I never really understood what the hell is the problem that so many people have with their age …
’Cause who’s to say you’ll ever turn 41?…. :) nice, efficient and very true….

Q, i’ll try to explain; the birth of a new year in ones live ( let me speak for myself – in my life..) means also the death of last year…I am not getting that time back, ever..

And I know it’s not a fair way of looking at it, ‘cause it means I didn’t fully lived last year and I keep looking back at it with regret.

Which is an utterly stupid and not-so-good-way of looking at my life, unfortunately, it’s how i’ve been looking at it ( for too long)

So I highlighted your last paragraph, because that is a waaaayyy better example; focus on the good things… ( hmm, I might even celebrate my 40th birthday. Retroactivly…)