💰💵, Erik,my husband always told our boys “ never measure success in dollars or cents, if you do…
Susan Christiana

Susan, I’m sorry my response took so long. New years eve, with all its pro’s and contra’s came in between.

Well, thank you for the compliment. I never considered myself of being of ‘great help’…

As for the matress-joke – I have to disappoint you. The Godfather was on my things-to-watch list and it somehow remained there. I’ll take it as an invetation to finally watch it. It’s a Classic after all.

I’m glad to hear you’ve managed to have that lunch hour together. UPS should have seen the simple effort it would take them in order to manage a small request with great results. (And I’m glad it worked out well in the end..)

As for absence growing the love I’m sad to say that is not always the case; I worked at a company in my hometown doing 80–90 hrs a week. I can assure you that does not benefit ones marriage. I had 1 benefit – I sometimes came home at 5 or 6 in the morning. In the summer I used to sit outside till around 7, then I walked the dog, made breakfast for my wife and daughter and brought her to school, which was an adventure for her because that rearly happend. After that I would go to sleep ‘till 15.00 or so, mostly leaving for my next tour at 1730. These were the nightshifts. They came irreguarly and I quit the job when I couldn’t figure out which day of the week it was.

Your husbands job was really quite demanding. I think I fairly know the sort of driving-job he had and I dare to say it required a lot of heavy lifting and I even dare to say (and please do correct me if I’m wrong) he walked roughly 10 km a day, incl all sorts of stairs, stepping in and out of his truck, and ‘doing’ roughly 80–100 stops a day ( and 1 stop=1 delevery-adress)

All respect to him, ‘cause I never even tried a job like that…

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