Although we readily admit that America has benefitted from the post WWII economic and widespread…
John Boothby

You have got a point here, sir.

It’s very sad actually to witness this slide from a distance. Although distance is quite relative since the world has become such a small place.

Being ‘doomed to continue to slide’ is a thing though that you, at this moment in time, still can get under control. It’s very,very worrying that Americans seems so devided that you can’t. Your healthcare system as you bring up is one example of news that reaches us with upmost disbelief…If you don’t have the money for it, and suffer from whatever ilness, or a ‘simple’ broken leg, in America you might be better off throwing yourself from a rooftop. At least than your suffering will take only seconds instead of months.

To deny healthcare to a human being as is happening in your country nowadays doesn’t even comply to the terms of the Genevan Convention. I know, I know; those rules are mostly complied to soldiers at battlefields…but if you think of that; even your enemy soldiers recieve more and better healthcare under CG-rules of war after they got shot then your own average girl or guy nextdoor. That’s quite shamefull I think… especially because underlying reasoning ( I’m nót paying for yoúr healthcare issues..) is abundently stupid! It should not be about what you pay for, it should be about what you gain from…

Your lifetime-expactancy and morality are too on the slide, you say.

If 22 million Americans (out of 137 million or so) die of not recieving humane healthcare I think it is safe to say that in three, maybe four generations all Americans are whiped out by themselves…

🤔🤔 it might be time for us Dutchies to set sail towards the West….Perhaps we’ll find an abandoned city. And then we’ll name it New Amsterdam😉😁

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