Callused Hands

What is the first picture that comes to mind when you think of hard work? A lot of different answers could be thrown out there on this one. Some may see it as the early mornings and late nights put in to ensure that the upcoming sales pitch is perfect. Others may see it as the late nights spent in the fields getting the harvest in before the weather gets cold. These are two different scenarios, but they both have one thing in common. Work is getting done.

When I picture hard work I picture callused hands. I am talking barbell throwing and D-line shoving type of callused hands. These badges of honor were a culmination of early morning weight room sessions and late nights on the practice field. It was a product of all the work and all the hours put into something I loved. That is why to me, callused hands are the best representation of hard work.

But now-a-days it seems as if we have lost touch with this idea of hard work. Heck, there was one point after I graduated where I know I did. It wasn’t like I wasn’t putting in great effort to what I was doing, it was just that I had lost touch with what it was like to dedicate myself to something I loved. Something that was impactful for not only myself, but for others as well. I didn’t realize it until one day I looked down at my hands and realized how nice and smooth they were. Now this was because I wasn’t working out like I did in my football days, but the lack of calluses triggered more than just the feeling of wanting to get back to the weight room. It triggered a feeling of desire to do more.

With the uprising of social media we spend way too much time prophesying and preaching on how the world should be. We spend almost every waking moment telling the world what we think is important, and why they should feel it is important too. But at some point we need to step down from that podium and start showing everyone how it is done. We need to spend less time in the meeting room and more time in the bullpen. We need to start getting our hands dirty. That could be by volunteering for a cause that is important to you, or it could be spending your time at town halls and local government events to voice your concerns, instead of spewing it all over Facebook. It is about educating yourself and doing the research on a topic, instead of mindlessly jumping on the bandwagon of “like minded” people. It crazy to think how many great things we could be accomplishing if we took the time to step away from the pulpit, and just start working the field.

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