5 Genius Home Life Hacks That Will Amaze You

Scarf Hanger

Use some shower curtain hooks and hook them to a hanger. These make the perfect hanging solution for all of your scarfs and it is easy on the eyes when you are searching for them. This can also be used to organize ties, belts, and tank top overflow.

Organize Spices

There are actually a few ways to make cooking with spices simple. The main point is to get the spices organized and close to where you are using them. Creating a drawer full of them is one option, by propping them up for easy storage and easy to see labels. Another way is to magnetize little containers and install a magnet strip on the cabinet or inside door of the pantry. Above the stove is the perfect place as seen below. Magnets, containers, and magnetic strips that are specifically made for organizing are available from several companies.

Hair Tools

Hair tools can be organized in the cabinet or on the countertop in the bathroom with some creative thinking. You can take a shower hanger that was meant for shower products and secure it to the bathroom cabinet door to organize your hair tools in the cabinet. There are several options, depending on what kind of space you have. Some can be made to look like a medicine cabinet also and some hair tool cabinets can be added in to look like extra storage cabinets, but decorative ones.

Sliding Secret Pantry

The secret pantry can be added anywhere in the kitchen that there is some extra space. Construction is easy, just make sure that you have at least 6 inches of space and design your own custom sliding secret pantry solution. Get a design plan going and you can get the local home improvement store to precut the pieces for you and give you advice on the different guiding and sliding hardware that will be needed. This is a great hack for those smaller pantry items that need to be organized and are frequently used, especially spices and small organizing containers.

Wine Rack as Office Storage

Wine racks can be used for a lot more than wine and especially handy to have around. If you have drawings and large roll up documents you need to have handy, the wine rack is the optimal place to store these documents and drawings without damaging them or having them fall over in the corner. If you add some regular glasses to them and add some pens or brushes, you have an official art organizer. You can also consider putting some office things, such as, staplers or tape in them neatly. This is also a good idea for crafting projects and the materials.

With these cool home life ideas, you can have your house looking great in a short period of time. Check out Smith to get quotes from top-rated local handymen and contractors to help out.

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