By when can my baby start distinguishing and seeing clearly?

Vision and hearing are the most important sensory requirements for a newborn to explore the world and grow. Eyes are not just the windows to your baby’s soul but also their key to observe and learn from around them. While their hearing is fully developed by the time they are born, vision only develops as they grow. You can check out Baby Berry, the most popular baby care app to understand your baby development and baby growth week by week.

Vision at birth

At birth, the baby’s vision is a little fuzzy and lacks coordination with the brain to process images. In the first few weeks after birth, they can make out objects and faces closer to their face only, say, at around 20cms.

Visual developmental stages

But as the months roll by, their vision gets better.

By the end of two months, their vision is more focused and they can differentiate between different colors and shades. You can stimulate their vision by showing brightly colored toys and pictures.

At around four months they can identify the perceptible distance of toys and develop a sense of depth.

At five months, they are better at recognizing familiar objects and can track small items. They may even start mimicking facial expressions.

At around 8 months, their vision is almost fully developed. Hand-eye coordination improves and they reach out and grab toys placed close to them.

And as they become a-year-old, their vision is sharper and on par with an adult. They can understand and see things both near and far and depth perception is finessed.

Your child’s eye health

As your baby grows and his vision improves, you can track your baby health record app with Baby Berry, the most recommended Baby Apps for New Parents. Excessive eye movements, difficulty in hand-eye coordination, or white spots in the eyes may warrant an immediate consultation with your Doctor.

Stimulating Vision development

Keep stimulating your baby’s vision and interests by getting him brightly colored toys, colorful pictures, reading picture books and encouraging your baby to move and explore.

Get big building blocks of various colors and differently sized and shaped blocks that they can fix or stack. Roll a ball and play with them to develop depth perception.

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