Skill and Mindset Gaps Among Advertisers Need to be Addressed

Today we released our report on the state of advertising talent. After three years, we gathered the most critical insights on skillset gaps among creative, media, and digital agencies globally.

The data tells a realistic story about where we are as an industry and our greatest areas of opportunity. Without this data, we might assume many of us are skilled in areas such as social media, mobile, or analytics. The reality? We’re not. It’s time to do something about it. And some agencies and brands are hustling to solve for these gaps.

A few surprises:

- The lack of mobile skills (and low levels on social media), given that consumers are carrying a device in every pocket and platforms are the primary way we connect

- The lack of prototyping skills, showing ideas where they will eventually live allows brands to make smart decisions about buying the idea

- The lack of being “fast and iterative” as marketing moves fast and consumers and tech move even faster

- The lack of confidence in clients’ opinion of agencies’ digital capabilities

- The lack of investment and prioritization in education, it’s in the margins

Please take a look to better understand the actions one can take to address these challenges in the workplace; the report is the first of it’s kind.