Camping Gear Gift Ideas: Gorgeous & Inexpensive Presents for The Outdoor Passionate

We always want to make sure our gifts are meaningful and that our loved ones always get the best. So, if you have an outdoor passionate in the family or among friends, take a peek at our camping gear gift ideas and see if you like them! We’ll talk about some of the coolest gadgets and pieces of gear you yourself will want to have. The best thing is that if you open up your mind, you’ll see that you can use some of these products outside of camping as well, be it at home or at work, or just keep them for emergency situations.

A great Headlamp

Every camper of hiker needs a powerful and reliable headpiece that will shine the path (literally). A great headlamp must be lightweight and small so it doesn’t restrict your moves in confined spaces (inside a tent for instance). It also has to be bright enough so it will show the way ahead through the darkest forest. Even more, a great headlamp must offer adjustable brightness so you can set it as low as you want.

Backpacking headlamp

Other features that should be there are a light for map reading and a green light useful for hunting or observing the wildlife. The green light is recommended because it doesn’t frighten or startle animals too much.

One product that has all these features is the Black Diamond Storm Headlamp. Even more, it is also equipped with a cool feature (implemented in the 2016 models) — the “Power Tap”. This enables you to adjust the brightness of the headlamp just by tapping the right side of the light. This also helps in getting a consistent brightness throughout the lifetime of the battery instead of being very bright on new batteries and very dim on low batteries. The batteries can last up to 60 hours on high and 250 on low, so you can see that this is a pretty nifty piece of gear to have around and it will not disappoint.

A great Tent

If your outdoor-crazed friend lost his tent, then he (or she) will be extremely grateful for a new one that meets all the requirements. But be careful, not everyone likes a cheap tent!

For instance, we can recommend the MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent. It is very lightweight, at only 3lbs. 7oz., portable, and easy to set up. It’s classified as 2-person, 3-season tent, light, and freestanding. You can pitch it anywhere from sandy beaches, wooden platforms and rocky cliffs, so you know it’s versatile enough for any type of terrain.

A great Tent

The tent can be assembled in 3 different configurations, and one of them is the “fast and light” pitching option that reduces its weight even more. Thanks to its color coding poles it will be done in just a few minutes.

Its design optimizes headroom due to the nearly vertical walls and side walls, while also offering a floor space of 84 x 50 inches. Thanks to its 2 door design, you can exit or enter the tent from opposite sides, so that you don’t have to walk over your tent companion if you want to go out in the middle of the night.

It comes equipped with 2 vestibules protected from the water with rain gutters, 2 mesh pockets and 2 hang loops for extra off-the-floor storage space.

Don’t forget about the Outdoor Knife

Nothing beats the simplicity and handling of a small, cheap and reliable general purpose knife! Any outdoor passionate should have one which is why this can be the perfect gift! We recommend the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife as it boasts a ¾ tang blade of Swedish stainless steel of 4.1 inches. The knife has an overall length of 8.75 inches and the handle is made of a patterned, soft friction grid, made from rubber and plastic.

As an addition, it comes with a polymer knife sheath that has a belt clip for easy and convenient storage. Its primary and best uses are skinning, filleting and woodcraft carving but you can imagine it does the job on many different uses.

A Portable Multi- Purpose Digital Radio

You can’t go wrong with this one! It shows you care and you want to make sure the person who gets it is safe at all times. Such a radio is necessary for any outdoor trip and should always be in your friend’s backpack so don’t hesitate!

We recommend the Eton Scorpion Digital Radio — it is lightweight (10 ounces) and it’s sturdy and tough due to the thick rubber outer casing. Its most impressive feature is represented by the fact that it can be charged either from an outlet, a computer, from the Sun, or manually using a hand crank.

The radio is connected to 7 National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration stations that provide weather alerts and warnings. It also comes equipped with a LED flashlight with 20 feet of visibility and it can also offer power for your mobile devices via USB cable.

A Solar Portable Charger

A solar portable charger is an absolute must in the life of an outdoorsman and it should be lightweight and easy to use.

Solar Portable Charger

Our recommendation is the Powertraveler Powermonkey because it boasts a 9000mAh Lithium Polymer battery which can charge an iPad up to 2 times, an iPhone up to 4 times and a standard mobile phone up to 8 times. Other devices that can be charged include the Garmin Edge 800, SLR camera batteries, portable DVD players, headlamps and handheld action cameras. Even more, you can use the 5V and 12V charges simultaneously.

The device itself can be charged in 3 ways:

· with the universal AC main charger

· solar, which will take somewhere between 18–22 hours in direct sunlight from 0 to full

· via USB.

If you want to go solar, you can pin the charger on your tent or backpack to charge in the sunlight while you do something else using a Velcro strap. It is built to be tough and withstand the outdoor and thanks to its IP67 reading it’s also waterproof for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water.