In this article I’m going to share with you on how to write to an inmate and tell you the process that you will experience.

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. My name is Smith Bay I am a young adult who is trying their best to live life to the fullest.

So back in my high school days I had a HUGE crush on this guy. LIKE HUGEE. Like when I first saw him, I actually think the time stopped and it was just me and him for a moment lol. I was in the ninth grade, and so was he and we were in the same science class. He sat behind me I sat Infront. The way I am as a person I’m VERY FORWARD. So, when I looked back the first time where you know I felt the world stopped. I looked AGAIN to be EXTRA SURE that I wasn’t dreaming, Then I looked a third time because my best friend at the time could not understand the don’t look method. But I guess me being overly weird caught his attention and he actually ended up liking me back.

over the course of time, we bonded it was cute I thought he was going to be my high school sweetheart, but we ended really badly so badly I ended up switching schools AND WE NEVER TALKED AGAIN. Fastforward to a couple years later after two failed relationships I found out that my old high school crush was in PRISON. So, after I found out what institution he was serving his time at I wrote him a letter. Which is why you probably clicked on this article. So, let’s jump into it:


Now I know you guys are like this is so obvious and it is, but do you want to be obvious and boring, or do you want to be fun? Whether it is that you are writing to family member, an old crush like me, or even someone you met online on those write to an inmate website you want to be creative and that starts with the paper. Instead of using regular white blank paper try getting colorful craft paper or even that old brown paper you see in those 1920’s movies. BE CREATIVE.


Now if cursive is your thing GO FOR IT! Just be mindful on the fonts you choose whether you're handwriting it or typing it on a computer. For example, if you write your letter all in caps, they might think your yelling at them through the letter lol. Most important take your time while writing don’t rush and make it as neat as you can, because trust me when you get a letter back from the person you're writing to, you will see how beautiful their handwriting is. Especially if you're writing to a guy in prison. Most of them have a lot of time to practice their penmanship skills.


Now this is the fun part, and also the part most people struggle with. You think to yourself WTF am I supposed to WRITE! If the inmate is someone close to you like a family member or a friend, you know half of the time what to exactly say right? But what if you're like me and you haven’t talk to this person for years or even if you haven’t talked to this person ever! Well, the simple answer is…WRITE WHATEVER TF YOU WANT! Treat this letter like a diary entry. Tell them what you're doing in life currently, what you plan to do in the next ten years, what your favorite movie is etc. Even if it's your first time talking to them talk about you, because they want to know about you and how the outside world is, and how much it has changed depending on how long it's been for them.

On a side note, never asked them what they're in for. It is your job to research on what they did before you even write the letter. A lot of the inmates are allowed to tell you their charges, but some of them lie for various reasons like they don’t want to hurt their case, or they don’t want you to view them as a bad person etc. If you do decide to write to an inmate, make sure you do your research. Just type their name into Google and what city they are from, and it should pop up. All their information is made public.

I hope you found this article helpful. I have made a YouTube video on my experience on the process with writing, receiving a letter back, and I actually read the letter to my viewers. This is only part one so definitely stay tuned for part two.


Smith bay

content creator, and now possibly article writer lol. Follow me on Instagram: @smithbay_ Youtube: Smith Bay Twitter: SMITHBAY_ Tiktok: Smithbay__



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