When HBCU Presidents Gather for Charity

Presidents representing the 107 HBCUs gathered in the Oval Office

President Trump hosted the nation’s best in the business this past Monday in the oval office. HBCU Presidents ranging from Morehouse and Spelman College to Howard University took to the oval office to garner the continued federal support and funding from the government, which aids in the sustainability of such revered institutions.

But let us take a more introspective look at the face of these illustrious HBCU representatives, who have graced this photo with a number of unmatched facial expressions. Some unsure, some uninterested, others unbothered, all make for a great photo.

As we engage this photo, take into consideration the purpose with which the photo was taken, the antagonist present, and location. Based upon each expression, I have added a potential thought that each person could have produced while standing there.

Madame President adorned with the blue lapel flower:

“It sure does smell like spray tan lotion, I wonder how much longer I have to stand here… ooo I hope they don’t catch me at a bad angle.”

Madame President poised with an exquisite shawl:

“I came here for reparations, and he wants to talk about taking a photo…I can be back at my institution for all of this foolery.”


The Gentleman with the red tie glaring directly into Trumps soul:

“I can’t even believe you’re the president, let alone had the nerve to call a meeting in support of HBCUs just to not hear us out.”

The Good man with the blue bowtie:

“I’m just here for the check… where’s the check!?” or as Marshawn Lynch stated…


Mr. President with the yellow tie, staring directly into the camera:

“Remind me why I’m here again? You know what, get this photo so I can go!”

Mr. Man with the big grin and purple tie:

“Is this really happening? I don’t think this is happening… Smile and wave… I’ll just smile and wave.”


Brother man with the full beard on the right side:

“Maybe if it looks like I’m talking to someone across the room, I won’t have to engage with this man…Lord don’t let this take too much longer.”

The Good brother framed on the right side *zoom in if need be*:


While the presidents were making these faces and potentially being disgusted by their own participation in this circus, majority–if not all–of their students had one singular mood… “Really!”


We do appreciate our presidents, but this won’t ever sit well.

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