Adding a Musical Spin to Being Interfaith

A step towards a united peaceful humankind is to respect and appreciate all religions traditions as they are all paths to the same divine. At the International Academy for Interfaith Studies (, we do that by serious study of philosophy and world religions but there are others approaches such as the study of religious art and enjoying religious music from many religions. 
There many examples and many sources but they are normally organized by faith tradition. Good source is Barnes and Noble, Google, and Amazon. Another good source is current artists can be found on YouTube. For example, you can find Islamic music on Religious Music of Islam at YouTube. If you want to find Jewish music, look at the Jewish Superstore at 
Religions are very much about culture. Listening to their songs helps you intuitively understand their cultures. Do not limit yourself to songs from one religion and realize that almost all religions have a liberal and orthodox wings. Search out the songs that you enjoy from many religions. Eventually, you will get an intuitive feel for the music. When you start getting the feel, look not for differences but for the similarities. Differences are obvious but similarities will give you much greater musical insight. Some song writers try to meld religious songs from two are more cultures. Check them out.

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