Why Black Lives should Matter to you…

One of the huge debates that have come to light in this recent year has been the matter in which those whom have experience oppression have been demonizes and criticizes for their choice of words, and manner in which they display their protest.

Others have expressed their displeasure in which they question the justification into why or how this group of people could say that Black Lives Matter!

They are applauded, and leisurely dismissed the truth in order to suggest that all lives should matter or combat their efforts with the question, why are they not protesting when there is Black on Black crimes being committed. They cry foul when these protesters express their freedom of speech, and boldly use language that they deemed inappropriate.

They caution that this is not the behavior that merits results, they reason that they’re undermining their own efforts with negative behaviors, and they attempt to adhere to their moral allusions of responsibility by questioning their every move.

But they fail to ask any questions that are of any significance. They fail to use the logic that they suggest this movement embrace. Those whom are so applaud fail to caution their stance and come to the table with an open mind and a loving heart. Instead of listening, they dismiss, instead of expressing compassion, they reject, rather than show any empathy, they offer zero tolerance and suggest peaceful tempers.

The harsh and brutal truth is that black lives should matter to every individual who would dares to call themselves an American.

When lives of black men and women are taken carelessly by armed professionals whom took an oath to protect ALL citizens. Those Black Lives Should Matter.

When the only crime that was committed is that of race, and the only result is death. Those Black Lives Should Matter…

When the common dominator just so happens to be the color of skin in some many of these cases. Those Black Lives Should Matter…

The question that those whom oppose this movement, should come in the form of why does a large number of a culture, (That are America) have to any say as much.

Where they should be applaud is in the fact that we can exist in a country that tolerates such a treacherous double standard. A nation that has socially engineered a climate in which we can sweep under the rug the slaughtering of the same race of people whom endured slaughtering of their brothers and sisters of this particular race.

If German police officers shoot down Jewish citizens at alarming rates, would will question their pain?

If Caucasian men and women where apprehended for centuries and then profiled and judged on the content of color of their skin, would not efforts be sought out.

If young college ages kids whom bloodline where not of African descent, represented the larger portion of the mass incarceration, would not laws and procedures not be reevaluated.

This rationale that those whom have been oppressed should simply enforce self-control comes from the same doctrine that blames females for being rape.

There is no such thing as an innocent bystander, to look the under way is just as wrong as pulling the trigger. To slander and discredit is just as erroneous as the crime itself.

Black Lives Should Matter to you if you believe in God. Black Live Should Matter to you if you are proclaiming to be a Christian, Black Lives Should Matter to you if you practice the faith of Islam, Black Lives should Matter to you if you are of the Jewish faith, Black Lives should Matter to you if you have an religious or spiritual connection, if you would protest over the killing of dogs, Black Lives should Matter to you.

If you care our life and refused to eat meat of any kind, Black Lives should matter to you, if in fact you love sports and pride yourself in the arena of completion, Black Lives should matter.

If you desire to partake in a role of leadership in our government and within your city, state or country people of color populated that area, well, Black Lives should matter to you.

If you are a great grandfather or great grandmother, or grandparent, or great uncle or aunt, a father or mother of any child. If you are someone’s brother, sister, cousin or friend, then Black Lives should Matter to you.

In fact, Black Lives Should Matter to you if you are human…

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