The (real) New World Order

I’ve been saying for years that we will be sideswiped from an unexpected quarter
and i started saying that your new POTUS might just be that sideswipe

so digest what this means:

Bannon, Trump et al can see the shit heading for the fan just like the rest of us, indeed with more information than the rest of us.
they also know what will happen when it does. They know there will be violent civil unrest, and it will be necessary to suppress that unrest, using the military.

Promises of infinite growth are for the gullible, and we all spend too much time arguing about the merits of solar panels and windfarms, or what the population might be in 2050, or if the icecaps might melt this year, all important perhaps, but we are ignoring the actual political agenda. This stuff cannot be separated from politics, much as we would like it to.
SHTF time is dictatorship time — not homesteading time–its as well to bear that in mind.

When somebody starts saying:
“There’s a new political order that’s being formed,”
–and– “the media is your enemy”
 — and — “other lesser people are responsible for your economic problems”with thousands screaming assent at organised rallies , with the leader flying in to greet expectant crowds consumed with adulation.

you better start reading up on German recent history — or Mao, or Pol Pot — take your pick. They all mean the same thing, subjection to a fresh set of rules that you won’t like. These new rules are supposed to “free Trade”, and to “Make America great again” but America was made great on cheap surplus fuel. Now there isn’t any. America’s primetime lasted about 150 years, and it was a ‘once only’ fuelburn. It cannot be repeated.

Without cheap fuel, the oilparty is over, and the advocates of “New World Order” know the economy is going to crash and burn. That will happen rapidly — we all saw how quickly the economy went down in the crash of 07/08, rejuvenated by the creation of unrepayable debt

So they must move fast to consolidate their hold on government — and instigate that new order, while there’s still something there to grab, and while the gullible masses remain convinced that the constitution will prevent dictatorship.

To round up and deport millions of “undesirables” will require holding facilities — these will begin to appear soon, but they will not be dismantled when the unwanted people have returned whence they came.

No prizes for guessing their next function.