How to Get Admission in Best B-schools

India, a country of billion people, where every year 3 lacks students look to get admission in top B-schools, it is not surprising that many cannot get their dreams fulfilled by being enrolled in the CAT colleges in India, which are considered the best. The question that this situation raises is: what are the options to those who could not get admission? Experts in Education say there are enough seats in the system to accommodate students with the management aptitude. However, problem is not the seats but the aptitude, which is a limiting factor. Now days, every bachelor’s degree holder irrespective of the background is pursuing management studies mindlessly. This trend has to be stopped, and aptitude specific course should become the focus point of students. To understand this, students should explore the skill sets and personality, and on the basis of it, try to carve the career; usually this should be the first step.

After contemplating over the first step, students seeking admission in management school should come up with a plan, and follow it, diligently. Since the competition in India is vigorous, many plan their career and start attending extra classes in advance. This, if done sincerely, can help you to achieve good percentile in various exams we have in India for management studies.

However, getting good percentile is just a beginning; the main battle is to choose an appropriate college. The primary goal must be to check the ranking of colleges in your region. For example, Delhi being the academic hub of India, there are numbers of MBA College in Delhi NCR. Proximity of the college to the home can serve huge benefits, as commuting and hostel accommodation, both proved to be a significant part of the money one has to dole out for the degree.

To check the ranking of colleges, history, infrastructure, faculty and most important, fees, there are number of online resources and daily publications. Students as well as parents should carefully go through the fee structure, and other information. One should scrutinize the offers available and compare them with available options, after determining the personal requirements, as no two colleges are similar. Fee is the most important of all factors that decide admission, as most colleges are expensive, significantly, which should be monitored closely. The other expenses that need to be accounted are the travel for interview and forms cost. These two when cumulated can be an intimidating number, therefore, plan accordingly. The last thing that parents, especially, have to take care about is the stress and depression that this all process brings to students. It is advised to monitor wards closely for symptoms that are proved markers for depression, and other illness.