Skill Development Programme: Enhancing Skills and Generating Employment

Skill development India is a programme that is proven beneficial for rural people who want to learn skills to spend a decent life. Also, skill development franchise is demanded by private sectors for training people to give them employment.

Skill India or Skill Development Programme is launched by Prime Minister on 15th July 2015, which is inclusive of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, National Skill Development Mission, National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and the Skill Loan scheme. This campaign was launched focusing to providing training to over 400 million people in India in different skills by 2022. It is a revised version of programmes that were launched earlier under the skill development policy. It is supposed to be a multi-skill programme for implementation of skilling activities in the country. This mission is supposed to provide a strong institutional framework at the Centre and States, and will have a three-tiered with high powered decision making structure. Skill development is important to improvise the effectiveness and contribution of labor class people towards overall production. To take growth rate of the economy to a higher trajectory, skill development is played role as an important ingredient to push the production possibility frontier outward. It is an instrument to empower the individual and improve their social acceptance or value in the country.

The Mission has various sub-missions in high priority areas. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • National Skill Development Agency (NSDA)
  • National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)
  • The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE)

Skill development is different from other policies:

Skill development programme already existed in the country but, government decided to improvise it as it is considered as a national priority. In existing programme emphasis was given to traditional jobs, now every job is given equal emphasis. This programme is highly useful for the youth who are jobless or school dropouts, to get value addition. After the completion of programme certificates will be issued, which will be recognized by all public and private agencies and entities, including overseas organizations.

Features of Skill India Programme:

  • Youth is given training on demanded driven short term training courses.
  • The training is based on Modular Employable Skills (MES) decided in consultation with Industry.
  • MES is the minimum skills set which is sufficient for gainful employment.
  • The certification will be nationally and internationally recognized.
  • Flexibility provided to suit requirements of various target groups.
  • Different levels of programmes are enlisted.
  • Retired faculty or guest faculty, who are retired, will be utilized.
  • Central government will provide training while private sector and State government is responsible for training of the persons.
  • Make training cost effective by optimum utilization of existing infrastructure.
  • Testing & certification of skills acquired informally by independent assessing bodies.

Advantages of Skill India:

Skill India has proven boon to the country and skill development franchise in demand by private sectors to train the aspirants. Some of the advantages of skill India are mentioned below:

  • Raises confidence and improve productivity
  • Gives direction through proper skill development
  • Enable the youth to get blue-collar jobs
  • Training given to job aspirant in different skills so that he/she can lead a decent life
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