The Rise of Conflicting Trends in Education Industry

There was a time when human beings needed only food, clothing and shelter. But, by the passing time, needs of human beings have evolved greatly and education has also been added to the basic needs. With a rise of industrial age, education has become one of the major industries around the globe. While graduates play a vital role in running politics and economy; we can see conflicting trends in education system at global level in the present age of information.

Where does the conflict come from?

Area of cost: Conflicts in the education sector can be due to several reasons. It all starts with the area of cost. You may have noticed the high rise in cost of education in colleges and universities and the lowering down cost of education via the internet. Since online education is becoming cheaper and cheaper across many countries, students can easily connect to the internet via internet cafes for education purpose. Downloading free ebooks from the internet seems easier to students than getting physical educational books for regular college education.

Methodology: Another conflict begins from the area of methodology. With more and more information available to read and digest, students are held back by too much of reading, memorising and understanding the content of the books. On the other hand, some individuals and groups out there try to make learning fun and enjoyable. Teaching practices, where people can learn and memorise things while enjoying them need to be followed at a larger level.

Area of results: Last but not the least area of conflict is the outcome of academic qualifications. In almost all countries, the most reported complaint is that educational system makes unemployed or underemployed graduates. You can’t be sure that you will get employed at anywhere after completing the graduation. Some even get the jobs that are almost similar to online scams like writing reviews of books, programs, by programming, by creating websites, etc. However, in order to curb these issues, online awareness has been raised about changes needed in the education system that will hopefully bring positive changes for graduates.

Once these three problems are tackled, the education system will start producing engineers, management students and other graduates who will have a great future.

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