Vastu Shastra: An Overview

Astrologer Greater Kailash helps to make buildings and other places peaceful with the help of vastu shastra. Vastu consultant South Delhi is really helpful, when it comes to construction of a building or house.

Vastu Shastra is widely known as the Indian science of architecture and buildings, and is used to make home or any place prosperous, peaceful, healthy, happy and enlightened. It is the blend of traditional Hindu and some Buddhist beliefs, which describes the principles of design, layout and construction. Vastu shastra believes in making a place more peaceful, gentle and supportive. More to this, vastu shastra in ancient times was used for designing most of the places like gardens, houses, shops, temples, towns and cities. Vastu shastra ensures to take benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields. Vastu Shastra is something that unifies the astronomy, science, art and astrology, to help us to make our lives better by securing from things going wrong. Astrologer Greater Kailash applies vastu shastra in every place to make it worth living.

Vedic Vastu Shastra combines five elements of nature and is based on law of universe. It defines the rules of construction and architecture to achieve harmony, peace and growth. The principles of vastu shastra regard harmony with nature as a primary objective, which results in fulfillment of wealth and prosperity in finance. To harmonize buildings with nature, experts do the proper research by examining the shape of a plot and orientation of the building. The principles are based on five elements of nature, which are water, fire, earth, air and space and directions such as east, west, north, south, southwest, southeast, northwest and northeast.

Importance of Five Elements: Air, Water, Earth, Space & Fire

Earth: The site for building, where it has to be constructed is very important. It is the place where a building will be constructed and congenial environment, greenery and availability of water are dependent on it.

Water: This element is related to water supply in a building. Water should be drained out in North-East also; wells and tube wells should be there. North- East is a direction that is always auspicious and suitable for water. Apart from this, vastu consultant South Delhi advises to keep the sewer systems towards North-West.

Fire: This element is auspicious in South-East, so the kitchen, fireplace and geysers should be kept there. Also, North-West can also be an option as it is 180 degrees to South-East.

Air: The element Air in a building should enter from North -East so all the air-conditioners, doors, windows, verandahs, balconies and ventilators coolers should be placed in this direction.

Space: It signifies an open sky, which influences greatly and the effect of terrestrial-energies can be taken uninterruptedly. So the importance of roofs or lawns gets emphasized.