Visiting Oman: A Travel Guide

Summary: Oman is a very beautiful place, if you travel safe by taking travel insurance. Oman travel insurance in easily available online and you can take it after comparing.

Oman, officially the Sultanate of Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. It is considered as one of the most traditional countries in Gulf region. Oman is holding strategically important position at Persian Gulf and is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the west and United Arab Emirates to the northwest. Oman is a potential tourist destination with unspoilt landscapes, a rich culture, beautiful beaches and friendly people. The Omanis can proudly say beauty has an address and indeed, their country is breathtakingly beautiful. This country is the hidden gem of Middle East, which has peculiar allure of such beautiful and pitiless places.

Before vising Oman, there are few things, which you should know:

The Sultanate of Oman is a destination, where you will find peace of mind and serenity. Omani’s have never lost their affinity to their cultural roots and you can still feel the spirit of the Arabian myth.

  1. Best time to visit: November and Mid-March

During this time of year, Oman has an average temperature of about 25° Celsius, which is good to travel around. It is never advisable to visit Oman in summers as it’s very hot and hazy. For people, who want to for desert safari should keep in mind; the nights can get extremely cold. Also, September is good time to visit Oman as after rainy season, everything is beautifully green there.

  1. Learn the Standard Greetings:

The most common greeting in Oman is Kaif al-hoosh wa al-boosh, which means ‘How are your goats and Camels faring?’ This is one thing you can learn to impress people of Oman. It is most peaceful and tolerant Arab country, which has friendly people and environment.

  1. Beautiful destination:

Oman is a great destination and if you are adventurous then hiking, climbing, snorkeling and off-road driving are waiting for you. Oman is everything you would want from frankincense plantations to atmospheric souks.

  1. Travel Advice:

Muscat, Nizwa, Batinah Coast and Sharqiya are some of the travel places in Oman. It is advisable to have Oman travel insurance, before visiting. Travel insurance will save you from any mishappening. Travel insurance Oman policy is available online and you can buy from there.

  1. Accommodation in Oman

Accommodation is not available in every village in Oman and is pretty limited, so one should check out the places beforehand. You can book hotels online but, some towns have local hotels that are cheaper than online ones. Or, you can camp, if you are adventurous enough to spend a night out under the stars.

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