How we ship higher quality work by establishing a system that works for both designers and engineers

On ATTN:’s Product & Engineering team, designers and engineers are responsible for conducting reviews of implemented design work before shipping products and features.

Operating similarly to code reviews, I’ve found that this approach promotes a higher level of understanding between our two teams and strengthens our patterns and design systems by formalizing a way to share feedback. Our engineering team is mostly remote, so this also serves as a way to communicate in a structured, asynchronous setting.

By remaining objective during the review process and allowing it to create space for questions, our teams are able to ship higher quality…

When I started building the Product Design Team at ATTN:, I knew it would be important to nail the on-boarding process. Sure, you make a first impression (and probably a second or third) with a new hire during the interview phase, but I really believe that the way someone is brought into a team is the first step in establishing a good working relationship in the months and years to come.

I’ve seen a lot of various approaches when it comes to addressing an employee’s first day. On one end of the spectrum, you have what I like to call…

Lauren Smith

Manages Product Design @attn

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