Women Wins: Best Female Poker Players of All Time

Marcus Smith
Jul 9, 2019 · 3 min read

Women have started to dominate the professional poker scene. Within the largest gaming landscape, the best female poker players prove they have just as much card skills as the guys have, perhaps even more.

It’s no longer a man’s world.

Many women have stepped up to major poker tables not only to show how the ladies rule but also to compete with their best male counterparts. Barbara Enright can attest to that for being the only woman to reach a World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event final table, and finishing in fifth place.

Then came the other emerging women who continue to rock the poker stage today. Here’s a list of the top female poker players of all time.

Vanessa Rousso (USA)

The 36 year-old TV personality is definitely one of the best female poker players in the business. Known as the “Lady Maverick”, Rousso’s career in professional poker is embellished with 17 WSOP money finishes, two WPT final tables, and a string of appearances on Poker After Dark. She’s had a lot of amazing moments in poker, but hands down the best of them is beating Tony G. in a hand.

Liv Boeree (UK)

Backed by poker giants Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke and Dave Ulliott, it’s no surprise that Liv Boeree would establish for herself a great name in poker. The 34 year-old poker star is a titleholder in two major events, the WSOP and the European Poker Tour, and the only female poker player to achieve that.

Annie Duke (USA)

The Duchess of Poker started by playing Hold’Em when she was 22 until finally deciding to join the WSOP in 1994, where she won $70,000. She went on to flourish her poker career with 38 WSOP and four WPT money finishes, as well as WSOP Tournament of Champions and National Heads-Up Poker Championship titles.

Kathy Liebert (USA)

Kathy Liebert is a seasoned poker superstar. The 51 year-old professional poker player has made an incredible six WPT final tables, including a 3rd place finish in the 2005 Borgata Poker Open. She also won a WSOP bracelet at the 2004 $1,500 Limit Texas Hold’Em Shootout, and has an impressive 47 WSOP money finishes. Liebert placed #19 in the top 50 players of the WSOP in 2017 and has been a WSOP veteran for more than two decades.

Vanessa Selbst (USA)

With a whopping $11 Million in earnings, Vanessa Selbst is on top of the best female poker players in the world. Her god-tier poker skills have earned her eight WSOP final tables, 20 money finishes, and two WPT final tables. She is also the only woman to have won three bracelets in WSOP open events. In a span of 12 years, Selbst has built a legacy in poker that’s very hard to match.

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