Common Issues Faced in Dishwasher

Ron Smith
Ron Smith
Aug 28 · 2 min read

Dishwashers today have become a necessity in every household. But when a dishwasher starts to malfunction, it could mess up your entire routine. Here are a few common issues your dishwasher could face if not maintained in a good condition:

1. Doesn’t Get Cleaned: One of the most common problems of a dishwasher is the fact that sometimes, it doesn’t seem to do what it is supposed to-which is to clean the dishes. This problem usually stems from the way you are using the dishwasher- whether you are overloading it or failing to scrape the debris off before you put the dishes for wash. Additionally, the inner workings of the dishwasher- like the float switch or the spray could also malfunction at times.

2. Doesn’t Seem to Start: Sometimes, dishwashers do not start causing a lot of problems. If you try to start the dishwasher and it makes a humming noise, this means that the motor may be sticking. If there is no humming noise, then the pump could be clogged up, the wiring could have gone bad, or a switch might have failed.

3. Doesn’t Fill Up: One reason for this issue to occur is that the float, which is responsible for signalling the water to shut down when it reaches a certain level gets stuck. Another reason could be that the switch on the door could be malfunctioning, reading the door as open even when it is closed.

4. Doesn’t Drain: Occasionally, a dishwasher could fail to drain water and presents a puddle of water just beneath the door and while you could dry the dishes off yourself, it is not a very convenient long-term solution. The culprit for this could be a clogged up drain or filter.

5. Doesn’t Latch: Sometimes, there could be an issue with the dishwasher door and like mentioned, a dishwasher cannot function unless the door is tightly shut or latched. One possibility for this to happen is the striker plate that can go out of alignment or the latch itself could be malfunctioning.

If your dishwasher is causing the above mentioned issues or any other problem, then you could get in touch with Dubai Repair Home, a company providing the premium service for dishwasher repair Dubai. Your dishwasher will be as good as new!

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