A Note to Our Adult Content Creators
Jack Conte

Explain the bit where you (Jack Conte) talk about ‘Adult Fictional content creators?’ After all the biggest amount of effected by your policy change is them, are saying for instance that a More R-rated version of “ Dream Daddy” couldn’t be funded through Patreon? What if the same game had cosplay characters instead of humans? “what, too much for you?” would class that as ‘bestiality?’ or is that allowed because its all fictional?

What we’re basically asking is where’s the ‘point’ where you say “No, you can’t be on Patreon for that!” Where’s it on Fictional Adult games and Adult Art? Where’s it on R-rated Photography and R-rated films or Literature?

We’re not complaining that you will not allow mainstream Pornography to funded on your platform, We’re complaining because from our point of view your forcing people to censor themselves just because their creating works that you might see as risqué or lewd.

I pensonally don’t understand you and your legal teams logic neither, websites of a strictly Pornographic nature would by no doubt have their own funding methods for themselves and their employees to use, and should not need nor see any benefit for using Patreon, nor should you allow such use of your platform.

I will also point out the fact that according to your own ‘Terms of Service’ under section titled ‘Account Creation’ I quote: “ To register for an account you must be at least 13 years old. To give or receive pledges you must be at least 18 years old or have your parent’s permission. If you know a user is under the age of 13, please report them to us.” May I be as bold to ask, why not up the limit of creating an account with Patreon to 18 years of age? And why does Patreon hold on accounts held by basically children, when their not even able the make any kind of pledges in the first place?

And as we’re talking about protection children and others from R-rated material, your efforts to “clean up Patreon”, Don’t you think in ‘hindsight’that you and your team could of done something better? after all many other websites have to deal with R-rated material all the time, may I suggest you could followed in the steps of sites like DeviantArt and Newgrounds, and make mature content is unviewable until the user logs-on, and secondly implemented a simple ‘Adult Content Warning’ screen, like NSFW screen on Discord for when a Patreon user wishes to visit a Adult content creators page. Isn’t those suggestions much better than forcing patreon users to whitewash their Patreon page?