Ralph Lauren Men’s Used Polo Shirts: Your Go-To Style This Summer

As the summer months approach and it’s time for a change in wardrobe, there are a few essentials that just need to be included. From the indispensable round necked t-shirts to the comfortable shorts for the hottest months to the easy-to-slip-into, easy-to-slip-out-of flip flops, there are various fundamental pieces of clothing that dictate your comfort levels when it’s hot. Another key component of your summer trousseau is the casual, yet well-dressed cousin of the t-shirt — polo shirts.

Almost a century old as a design, the polo shirt is quite easily one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man can own. As iterated already, the polo shirt is an ideal summer upperwear and is a suitable companion to panoply of bottom wear, be it shorts, chinos or jeans. The versatility of the polo shirt can easily be felt when one explores its application, as it can be worn as sport attire as effortlessly as a casual shirt on the beach.

Moving onto the history of the polo shirt, its birth is oddly not related to the sport of polo but rather a sport that has no resemblance to polo — tennis. In fact its advent was borne out of necessity way back in 1920, when tennis legend Rene Lacoste sought to play the sport in more comfortable attire. During a time when the button-up shirt was the prerequisite, Lacoste decided to wear his trademark shirt that would eventually allow him to play more freely. And in 1926, Lacoste debuted what he called the “tennis shirt”, with a breathable pique cotton weave and an elongated tail that allowed the shirt to remain tucked during played.

The success of the polo shirt on the court prompted worldwide rage for the fashion statement, with its next athletic foray being into polo. Finally, the design got its trademark iconic American menswear name in 1972, when Ralph Lauren adopted the name and design for his collection. Ever since then, the comfy polo shirt has been an integral part of the wardrobe of men the world over, becoming their go-to style for casual, yet elegant dressing.

When it comes to buying Ralph Lauren men’s used polo shirts, the key is to make size your priority, as an ill fitting polo shirt looks absolutely ridiculous. So add a few more Ralph Lauren men’s used polo shirts and make the Ralph Lauren jeans and shirts your go-to style this summer.

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