How Small Business Can Survive on Instagram — Increase Likes & Followers

When Instagram was purchased by Facebook, it opened new doors of advertising and increasing followers for people owning a small business, but with the recent announcement of Instagram about algorithm filtering of posts afraid every businessman.

The new algorithm implementation which states that posts which used to display in chronological manner on the timeline will now be display on the basis of other factors . This will allow only user relevant posts to display in front.

This move of Instagram has led to sudden death of small-scale brands which were highly dependent on it for marketing and sales. But in order to survive this change, you need to check these factors and use it for your best rather than worrying about it. Here are a few tips to survive on Instagram after this shift:

Get More Social

With the algorithm filtering of the post, the people who are in your connection will get more preference. Their post will be shown to you first and vice-versa. It means you need to be more social now to get more followers. First, make it a habit of commenting on others posts frequently.

The main focus should be on making a relationship with others. As we all know that the best way to make the relationship with other is to show interest in them and communicate. That is what you have to do by commenting on others post and by connecting with your commenters.

Use of Right Hashtags

The hashtags are another way to connect with the people on Instagram. When you use the hashtag for your content, it gives the content new identity which makes it visible to people who like this kind of content or want to see this kind of content on their Instagram.

Use right and relevant hashtags for your content. Put 3–5 popular hashtags in captions while use rest of them in comments.

Collaborate With Other Companies

Give your followers more chance to follow you by introducing them to the complimentary companies. But not to competitors. For example, if you deal with children’s toy line, you can introduce followers to children’s cloth line. This will give the audience more reasons to follow you.

Take Help of Influencers

You can reach more people with the help of influencers. So make new brand marketing strategy in which you can take benefit of influencers. Make good relation with them, given them discounts on your products, so that they can get you more Instagram followers.

Add Email Contacts

You are connected with many people on email for your business. Now use these email accounts to reach more audience. You can send them an offer, promo codes or anything which attract them to follow you on Instagram.

Post Notifications Can Help

The post notification can really help you out in this situation. When you allowed or turn on the post notification, you get a notification about any new post which is shared on your account. So use strategy with which you can encourage your follower to allow post notification on their accounts.

Always Add Quality Content

All the above tips are useful but still one thing which you can’t miss is quality of content you are posting on Instagram. Whatever you are sharing a post on Instagram, may it be some write-up, images or videos, remember, quality does matter. If it is content, it should be unique and informational and if it is image or video, it should be high-quality. It attracts the audience to follow you.

Use these tips and also keep experimenting while keeping the algorithm filtering rules of the post in your mind. Anything which will support the algorithm can work wonderfully for you. And remember, this shift has many benefits too, like now your followers will not miss any of your posts, so take full advantage of this point as well to promote your business.