Part 1

Sara kept running, she knew what she did was unforgivable, but there was no way she was going to let herself get caught. Now, you might be wondering what’s going on? We will get to that, but let’s go back to the day before. It was a bright and shiny morning and Sara had her whole day planned. A morning run, a mall day , and a party at night. It was going to be a great day, or at least that’s what Sara thought. While Sara was running she felt a weird presence, almost as if she was being stalked. Then at the mall the same thing happened, it felt almost SUPERNATURAL. Then came the party. Sara was talking to her friends and all of a sudden out of the corner of her eyes she saw something. It looked EXTRATERRESTRIAL at first, but she could see it was a boy. She realized that the feeling of someone stalking her all day wasn’t just a feeling. Sara decided to go look for the boy, but when she went to find him, he was gone.

When Sara came home from the party she was so exhausted she went straight to bed. Then at around three am., she heard a COMBINATION of noises which woke her up . When she opened her eyes she saw the shadow of the boy she saw. Sara decided enough was enough and she decided to chase him. Sara finally caught up the boy just as he was about to leave.

“ Games over, who are you and why are you stalking me?” Asked Sara.


“ I said who are you! Don’t make me call the cops.”

“ Ok ok, my name is Jackson.” The boy finally said.

“Why are u stalking me, and how do you know me?”

“Don’t you know?”

“What am I supposed to know?”

Silence again. Jackson had a DESPICABLE smile on his face, which was making Sara UNCOMFORTABLE.

“Answer my question!” Sarah said.

“ I’ve said enough, CONCENTRATE and think about the past. That’s all I’m telling you.”

Sara was frustrated, talking to this boy was as creepy as the clowns in a CIRCUS. Jackson seemed to be BIPOLAR. One minute he would answer her questions and the next he would be dead silent. Sara decided that she wanted to find out more so she would try to CONFINE him in her house. Just as she turned to grab the CONVENIENTLLY close ductape, she heard the door slam shut. Jackson had escaped. Sara got in her car and started chasing after him. After a while of driving around she saw him walking by the forest. Now back to present. Sara took a fast turn and at that moment she felt the weight of a body hit her car. That’s when she realized she just ran over Jackson. Sara stopped the car mortified and climbed out to go see if he was dead. There was blood everywhere, and Jackson wasn’t breathing. Sara knew he was dead. In this moment Sara heard the blaring sounds of cop cars, she knew she had to run. She left her wrecked car and ran home.

The next morning, Sara kept turning on the television expecting there to be a story on the dead “boy.” To her surprise, there was nothing. Not a single mention of it, not even in the obituary. Sara thought his parents must of not wanted it public. As Sara’s nerves loosened Sara felt a presence again and a creak at her door. As she saw what appeared, every part of her body tensed up as she felt herself fainting.


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There he was! How was this possible? What was happening? Was Sara going insane? All of these questions ran through Sarah’s mind. It was INCREDIBLE! Jackson was standing in front of her. Sarah was CAPTIVATED by this, and she started feeling sick so she turned around and sat down. To her astonishment, when Sara turned back around Jackson wasn’t there anymore. There wasn’t a single trace that he had been there. Sara thought about it and decided that she was probably just still freaked from everything, so she was seeing things. She decided to go for a run to clear her mind. When she came home from her run she saw the door to her house was open. Sara walked in with caution and AUTOMATICALLY grabed a knife. That’s when she heard a loud noise coming from upstairs. She went to investigate and when she got to her bedroom, there he was again. Jackson was there just sitting in her bed like nothing had happened.

“Did u miss me?”

“I thought you were dead! What happened?”

“ Oh my honey, you truly are clueless aren’t you.”

“What are u talking about.”

“ How would you like to go on a trip? I’ll explain and show you everything.”

Sara wasn’t sure how to respond. She had never met this guy before, he had stalked her , he pretty much came back from the dead, and somehow he broke into her house. Even though all of these things were true Sara didn’t want to be a COWARD so she agreed to go on a trip with Jackson.

“Wonderful. There are some things you might want to know first though.” Said Jackson.

“ Ok like what?”

“ What you are about to experience is going to be very overwhelming. Only few people have ever experienced this. And for the ones that have, there lives were never the same after, some even committed SUICIDE. Just know that where we are about to go is a place unlike any other. You will see death and torture everywhere. As for me and you, well we will be considered REBELLS. This means that in ADDITION to just seeing death, some people will try to kill you. This place is very dangerous, some of the people here have been alive for CENTURIES.”

“ Ok woah! First of all how can someone possibly be centuries old? And where the heck are you taking me? This is insane, what place on our planet can be this bad”

“ Who said it was on this planet …”

Just as Sara was about to PRECEDE with questions, Jackson threw something at the wall, and from it came a PORTAL.

She thought she heard a sinister laugh coming from it, and the glare of two bright red eyes. But Sara knew there was no going back now.

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Part 3

“ Where are we?” Sarah said.

“ We have reached world one.” Replied Jackson.

Sarah INSPECTED the area and notice some weird things. The first thing she noticed was that the land seemed DEHYDRATED. It looked like the entire land had been MICROWAVED. She also noticed that there were no clouds. They probably couldn’t have even been seen with a telescope. Finally, she kt iced the weirdest part of all. There seemed to be no people on the planet. The moment she realized this she asked Jackson about it.

“What happened to the people here?”

“There was an outbreak of a PANDEMIC disease.”

“Oh… wait if there was a disease and there is no one here then why are we here?”

“There is something we need to get but we are running out of time with all this talking.”

“Running out of time? Need to get something? Ok you need to learn that people don’t like it when you only explain things halfway.”

“Just keep walking and I’ll explain. Oh yea and I would recommend not stepping on those little PENTAGON shaped things in the ground.”

This was just great thought Sarah. She’s not only traveling with a stranger, but with one who didn’t explain anything, and who got on her NEURONS.

“ Can I know what we are searching for now?”

“It is a small PENDANT. It looks exactly like this.” Said Jackson as he showed her a PHOTOGRAPH of it. “This pendant will REGULATE everything during our trip.”

Ok so then why are u making a big deal out of this all you have to do is grab find the remote and grab it. That doesn’t seem so dif….”

At that moment Sarah saw one of the most horrifying things in her life. Holding the pendant was a creature that looked like he could be LUCIFER. It had razor sharp teeth and claws for hands.she exchanged glances with Jackson, and she finally understood. They were going to have to fight the creature in order to get the pendent.

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Part 4

The creature was very large, and could kill a whole POPULATION. The more Sara looked at tHe creature the scarier it got. The creature PONDERED over them. Then Jackson without any warning went over and started attacking the creature. Then just as quickly as Jackson attacked the creature, it threw him to the ground. It then saw Sara and charged at her. Sara felt the sharp claws of the creature jab through her VEST and create a MEGA gash on her body. She slowly started to feel dizzy and eventually she fainted from the pain, but before she did she could swear she saw the creature MORPH into a human.

When Sara woke up she was in what seemed to be a hospital. She looked around, but she didn’t recognize her surroundings. She tried to get up but felt a sharp pain. She looked down and saw her SANGUINE shirt. At that moment a women came in. Sara guessed that she was most likely the MATRIARCH.

“Hello, my name is Tracy. You must have many questions.”

“Ummm well, let’s start off with where am I?!”

You are in the recovery room.

“How did I get here, last thing I remember I was in an unknown LOCATION that was UNPOPULATED ,battling a creature ,with a stranger who stalked me.”

“Oh wow, you really don’t know anything!”

“ So I’ve heard”

“Oh my, it’s time for my meeting you get some rest and when you are in a better condition I will explain everything.”

“Wait nooooooo” screamed Sara as a needle was Injected into her arm. Slowly Sara felt her eyes drooping down ,and she let herself fall asleep.

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Part 5

When Sara woke up she felt REVITALIZED. She felt good enough to stand, so she got up and started looking for people. As Sara looked around she started to remember everything. She remembered the weird lady, the fight with a scary creature, and her stalker. As she walked around the hospital, she realized it was a STEREOTYPICAL looking hospital, except for everything looked to be computerized. For such a futuristic place she thought they could have at least made it look like it hadn’t been around for DECADES. As she was thinking about everything she heard a voice behind her.

“Oh I see you’re feeling much better.”

“Oh….. Ummmm ya I guess. How long have I been asleep?”

“About three days. You must be starving, how about some breakfast?”

Sara couldn’t Bellevue it she’d been asleep for a full three days. She didn’t trust this women very much but reluctantly agreed to breakfast. Sara was startled when she saw what was on her plate. It was an OCTOPUS!

“Now as I promised you I shall answer all of your questions. So ask away.”

“Ummm..ok well I’d like to know what is going on I want to know the entire truth.”

“Ok so let’s start with this your parents were part of a very special secret agent spy unit. I worked with them. When they were on a mission one day, they got hurt and never returned. We had found bones but they were UNRECOGNIZABLE. No one knows what truly happened to them.”

“So what does this have to do with me?”

“ You are the next one in line to try and OVERCOME the challenge.”

“What is the challenge…?”

“You will have to go through four stages and pass them all without your heart becoming HYPERACTIVE. You will be in training for the next few days as we wait for the LUNAR eclipse to pass.”

“Um excuse me but I was never asked if I wanted to do this. I was kind of kidnapped if you don’t remember. Who said I wanted to do this challenge?”

“On the CONTRARY you might think otherwise when I tell you what’s in it for you.”

“Well can I know?”

“ If only that’s how it worked”the women chuckled. “ You decide on your own if you want to do this challenge, if you decide no, all memory of this will be erased. If you decide yes I will further explain things. You have 24 hours to decide.”

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