Two irrational characters that have become unfortunate additions to the sports world recently are The Stan and The Hater. The Stan, alluding to the infamous character created by Eminem on The Marshall Mathers LP in 2000, is a type of unabashedly zealous superfan, detached from reality. The Hater, best portrayed in Dave Chappelle’s The Playa Haters’ Ball, is one who just throws out hate hate, hate hate hate, hate hate, hate hate hate, hate hate, hate hate, and hate. Both The Hater and The Stan are irrational, illogical, and worthy of scorn.

The Stan and the Hater cannot see an…

Shea Seals and Shea Ari Seals at TU

From all the canceled trips, to minimal contact with friends, family, co-workers, and even elimination of senior activities for high school and college graduates due to the novel coronavirus, 2020 has changed everything in every industry you could imagine. 2020 has been a year, right? The Pandemic has led to even more significant changes and adjustments to sports. In March, the NBA stopped abruptly right before tip-off in Oklahoma City in a game between the Thunder and the Utah Jazz.

Due to the Pandemic, key events in multiple sports have experience cancellations after cancellation. One sport, in particular, that seems…

Welcome to Week 3 of the OSG Report. We have had some great recommendations in Weeks 1–2 and are looking forward to continuing Week 3. The report each week is a well-researched game plan, and most importantly a player pool for you to choose from. In essence, THESE ARE THE PLAYERS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO SEE AT THE TOP OF EVERY TOURNAMENT AND LEAGUE THIS SUNDAY. Some players will bust, get injured, and just all around not have a good game. Find the building blocks you like (starting with a QB), then piece together a roster based on decisions…

Technology isn’t new in sports. We have seen as the game has evolved, there are new ways that technology utilized to get more data from the players and improve fan engagement. It’s time to push the technological envelope and get innovative with fans today.

Host Jay of UNFAIR

With the way 2020 is going, along with the spikes in positive cases of the coronavirus, and fall swiftly approaching, we may not get to enjoy the sports we love the way we used to. …

Jawan Smith


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