Remix by Young People’s Art Lab (ULK)

How can we use our cultural heritage, when it’s available for free in a digital format?

A big part of SMK’s collection is in Public Domain and can thus be used freely as raw material in new artistic contexts without the permission from the museum or anyone else.

For example the artworks can be used to create collages, videos and animations. They can be printed as posters, on t-shirts, postcards and coffee cups, used for publications, presentations and education, and they can be remixed in order to create new works of art. Read more about the use of free artworks and download them here.

Here we have listed a couple of examples of what happens when…

An overall view of literature that has inspired SMK’s digitization projects and additional literature on the subject


  • Lawrence Lessig, The Future of Ideas. The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World, Random House 2001,
  • Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams, Wikinomics. How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, The Penguin Group 2008
  • Chris Anderson, The Longer Long Tail. How Endless Choice is Creating Unlimited Demand (updated and expanded version), Hyperion Books (2006) 2009
  • Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus. Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age, The Penguin Group 2010
  • Nina Simon, The Participatory Museum, Santa Cruz, Museum 2.0 2010,
  • Nina…

Statens Museum for Kunst

SMK is Denmark’s national gallery, featuring outstanding collections of Danish and international art from the past seven centuries.

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