Hilton and Marriott getting More Heads in Beds

Once there was a professional couple in their early 30s, recently engaged, the next step, navigating the terrain of wedding planning.

Every day Click, Click, Click and grazing through endless wedding brochures but still no satisfaction. In the Travel and Hospitality industry, Hilton is hitting this pain point, by luring back the customer to their own direct booking channel. Direct connection with your customers opens up a new world of relationships and high quality content is the fuel that engages the players.

Book Direct: A Win Win - Customer Loyalty; Less Costs

Until one day, she was with her fiancé at City hall. At the top of the steps, they saw a glistening photo booth echoing with laughs and smiles. Stepping in queue, equipped only with goggles, they were living their dream wedding in 100 secs. How?

Marriott trail brazing brand awareness with Virtual Reality 4D Technology

A customer survey in early 2016 by Chris Robinson, an internal Marriott ad agency focused on Booking Direct, found that Millennials travel will be worth about 76% of all room nights in the next four years. If hotels do not pay attention now, they will be left behind the pack. By 2 to 1, they favour online booking and they have access to information at their fingertips. The Virtual Honeymoon to London by Marriott is powerful yet simple -entertain, inform and have a immersive sensory experience using 4D Virtual Realty technology.

Statistics are clear, people are not engaging in traditional advertising streams. David Beebe, head of Marriott International Content Studio, said 80% of people skip 30 second commercial spots, banner ads mostly do not work. OTA (Online Travel Agency) now dominate bookings and hotels have fallen behind to reinvent themselves in the era of digital marketing. Dependency on OTAs has been costly, higher cost of acquisition and lost opportunities to build relationships with their customer’s buyer journey. The customer, contrary to popular perception, is paying more as OTAs consolidate the online competition game and raise hotel commission fees.

Until finally, Marriott and Hilton saw through the crystal ball the need to reinvent the traditional marketing model to reconnect directly with the next mass migration of travellers — the Millennials. Their marketing philosophy is simple yet effective, start a conversation, build relationships. How? Develop a integrative social media strategy with content that answers their questions which differentiate you from your competitors amidst the noise on the web. Offer an immersive experience with, for example, 4D Virtual Reality Technology and incentivise to book directly from your channels.

Simon Sinek, in his infamous Golden Circle, explains how a few inspire and lead, like Apple, because they start with Why? Clearly articulating a purpose of your company’s core beliefs, the profits are a byproduct. Martin Luther King mobilized a nation with “I believe…” What is your company’s Why? Once upon a time…


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